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Beatles Modern Tempo Map - meanspeed-matherton authorized time-record

Beatles Modern Tempo Map – meanspeed-matherton authorized time-record

This is a meanspeed map that represent the tempo of the song by the Beatles called All You Need is Love,

The measurements are medians instantaneous speed which after being measured eight times are consecutively contiguously and completely studied to not just see the tempo – and invisible thing come to life – but the tempo creativity of the Beatles.Image


HEY JUDE - Meanspeed moder tempo map HEY JUDE – Meanspeed moder tempo map[/caption]


meanspeed®-matherton modern tempo map, ©2015.  Use Your Judgment.

Pat Metheny and “Et Si C’etat La Fin (As If It Were The End)” | probable distribution harmonic tempo outline

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dana matherton speed experiment

[youtube= speed is important

my my, hey hey neil young speed[/caption]

I looked up the song “Et Si C’etat La Fin (As If It Were The End)” on search engines cyber-wide and did not come up with anything I could rely on with precision and so I did the work of precise tempo measurement myself.  I like the song very much, and I was preparing a loop with songs at the same speed, listed at the end of this post, for a song-mix I was making for my trip to Boston on Thursday.

"Et Si C'etat"-As_IF_IT_WERE_THE END- Pat+Metheny-Secret+Story-meanspeed tempo diagram_0121

“Et Si C’etat”-As_IF_IT_WERE_THE END- Pat+Metheny-Secret+Story-meanspeed tempo diagram_01 La Fin 0121

Pat Metheny’s song ”Et Si C’etat La Fin (As If It Were The End)” is a typical Pat piece which satisfies the elements of genius:

1)  only Pat could have written it;

2)  Pat plays simply and in a childlike way masking the most difficult elements of composition: saying something wholly different with the slightest tweak of what has already been, where only that tweak could have been made by that artist.

Song title=”Et Si C’etat La Fin (As If It Were The End)”

"Et Si C'etat (As If It Were The End" - meansped therapy tempo chart

“Et Si C’etat (As If It Were The End” – meansped therapy tempo chart

Performer=Pat Metheny

Album=Secret Story/bonus version

Intellectual Property Rights=©2007 Nonesuch Records

Kind=Purchased AAC audio file

Size=7.4 MB

Bit Rate=256 kbps

Sample Rate=44.100 kHz


Profile=Low Complexity


File Extension=m4a

Median expected harmonic beat=461.5 milliseconds

Songs that are within 1% of “Et Si C’etat”

Parallels, Yes

Morning Has Broken, Cat Stevens

Money, Pink Floyd

Eight Miles High, The Who

All Along The Watchtower, Bob Dylan/single version.

Ian Andrew Schneider

James Menko Mahnning

Meanspeed® Therapy

January 31, 2012

rewritten August 30, 2015 because musicians as Metheny have no way of checking that I bought he album that contains the song I measured on at at least three discs, downloaded legal versions from different sources – much as a check to see how much compression change or did not change the speed. After studying it for over 20 years my answer is no. A 128 kbps and a 320 kbps song are still going to have the same timing. Some geniuses in Silicon Valley and all over the world – wildly good collective – VOLUNTARY, FREE collective intelligence at work. I know Pat hates when bad performances are posted – or people steal.  My first command given to me as a real musician at around 17 – Never steal music. I could photograph al the discs and all, but recording representatives, by their own admission, are largely failed musician in a field where reg failure rate is higher than [you fill it in].

BIEBER Is Gets Better With Every Release: Harmonic Tempo mapping and time measurements for “NEVER SAY NEVER”

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Justin Bieber is hardly a man to underestimated musically.

The man’s work has taken a huge leap forward. Thick vocals. Dynamic lyricism. Astounding percussion.

Below is a testable scientifically provable (or DIS-provable, the true test of science versus junk).

Hope you can use it.

Bieber Speed

JUSTIN BIEBER – Never Say Never-
Harmonic tempo -map

sandy Dennis

Sandy Dennis – in common w Bieber – you tell me

can you see the one peculiar awesome talent between Bieber and Harrison?


“peace on earth and you people going crazy in Europe – we will not help you this time.” – [REDACTED]

REAL NUMBERS - no touchy-feeling junk science!

emotion is a number – a REAL FREQUENCY, not touchy feely charlaton piece