“Louisiana Bayou” – Dave Matthews Band – live, Bristow, VA, USA – mean speed=100.6 beats-per-minute

The Dave Matthews Band “Louisiana Bayou” has to my knowledge no other map, better or worse or the same, as this which indicates the line of advance of the song as velocity is represented next to the mean (expected average tempo) of the song.


meanspeed® tempo measurement of  “Louisiana Bayou” – Dave Matthews Band
“Louisiana Bayou” – Dave Matthews Band


Dave Matthews tempo map
Dave Matthews Band
Louisiana Bayou
Meanspeed® measurements
Lousiana Bayou, mean speed=101.6 beats per minute
meanspeed® tempo measurement/


Disc one

  1. “The Best of What’s Around”
  2. “What Would You Say” (Listen )
  3. “Crash into Me” (Listen )
  4. “Too Much”
  5. “Rapunzel”
  6. “Crush”
  7. “So Right”
  8. “The Space Between”
  9. “Grey Street”
  10. “Grace Is Gone”
  11. “Hunger for the Great Light”
  12. “American Baby”

Disc two


All tracks feature Butch Taylor.

  1. “Say Goodbye” (Live 7/5/00, Comerica Park, Detroit, MI) (Incorrectly listed as 7/25/00)
  2. “Stay (Wasting Time)” (Live 7/19/03, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Selma, TX)
  3. “Everyday” (Live 6/17/06, Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY)
    • with Vusi Mahlasela and Rashawn Ross

“Louisiana Bayou” (Live 6/26/05, Nissan Pavillion, Bristow, VA) (Incorrectly listed as 9/2/05)

  • with Robert Randolph
  1. “Ants Marching” (Live 3/26/05, State Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
  2. “Two Step” (Live 6/11/01, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ)

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