FALL ON ME, by REM, live/Crushed with Eyeliner, meanspeed=victory



Fall On Me is a song by REM that was first released on their Life’s Rich Pageant CD in 1986. This is a comparison of the song as REM performs on Crushed with Eyeliner,

The graphs here that contain more than one line, specifically, the eleven ribbon graphs, are exactly indicative of the results that I crunch for each of the 10 trials I use as a final mean speed on the two dimensional linear and logarithmic graphs at the top of this blog’s entry as per the thye live Crushed By Eyeliner version, with many charts comparing yesterday’s Life’s Rich Pageant version to this Crushed with Eyeliner live effort, where Michael asks the crowd to sing along.
In this live song the:
meanspeed=118.9 beats per minute;
meanspace=0.505 seconds between beats, 2.02 seconds per measure;
meanbeat=1.982 beats per second;
meanfrequency=1.982 Hertz as pulses per minute;
meantone=253.653 Hertz, 36 cents above B3=246.942 Hertz and 64 cents below C4=329.628.

The graphs are based on a spreadsheet generated with this method:
a) Calibration of groups of every common measure (four quarter-notes) ten times with Seiko 300-lap stopwatches;
b) Ten trials were averaged, coordinated and synthesized.
c) Speed graphs were created in Microsoft’s Excel for MacIntosh 2004 on an Apple iBook G4 as hardware printed and scanned on an Epson CX4600.

Life is mean.

Ian Schneider,
NY, New York
2 July 2006

Author: Schneider

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