“All This Time” – Sting – meanspeed conjecture analysis of a song about the Thames at the speed of victory

This is a song about Sting’s father called ALL THIS TIME, ©2008.

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This song, All This Time by Sting, was a conversation point between me and one of the main players on team on Team Springsteen during the week as we looked over the Atlantic Ocean in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Trump’s Taj™ suites overlooking the Ocean are absolutely gorgeous – and the Jacuzzi™, steam shower with triple head and the double toilet setup – one toilet on opposite sides of a 1,200 square foot space speak for themselves. my wife was able to walk out of the room after the surprise party for [one of the most respected and well known citizens] of Monmouth County, New Jersey history. I won’t name drop only because it was Mrs. Schneider who was invited, not me! Choosing me as her escort, though – marriage is good that way!

I was a bit car-sick (I love flying, therefore I drive everywhere – I am convinced I will die in a plane crash) noting how the Atlantic Ocean was near Bruce Sprinsteen’s first house, as Sting’s first house next to the London’s River Thames (versus Cleveland’s river of the same name), were near the sea. We were discussing the end line of the Sting song, “Men go crazy in congregations/They only get better one by one.” In other words, the pagan Gods have been here, Roman Catholicism has been transformed and so on–and what remains in victory is nature as the flow of the sea: “All this time, the river flowed endlessly/To the sea.”

And I must admit, after a not so easy turn of the century, I felt victory pouring through me as our Bose®Dock rocked Sting’s cool, sleek song.

MeanSpeed-Carlton Music Summary, guest-supervision by Sarah Jane Bristol –

mean speed=126.8 beats per minute
mean emotion according to the meanspeed™ conjecture=victory
average beat length=0.473 seconds
mean slow phase=2.11 cycles per second
correspondent pitch=541.01 Hertz, 57 cents above C5=523.251 Hertz and 43 cents below Db5=554.365 Hertz.

Sarah Jane Bristol
Ian Schneider
MeanSpeed™ Music Company
New Brunswick, New Jersey
United States
May 20, 2008

StingAll this time

16 May 2008
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StingAll This Time (Live) (Video)

16 May 2008 by admin
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Sting All This Time (2001)

6 May 2008
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First-ever Sting CD-ROM opens mystical, interactive world; new CD

Previously unreleased music. “All This Time” features new Sting music and new role) and “Spread a Little Happiness” (his first single as a solo artist).
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Originally intended as a live Webcast on September 11th, Sting and his band decided to limit the worldwide broadcast to a single, moving performance of
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