Tempo & Emotion of Genesis – 39 ‘Platinum Collection’ & the true "Ask not what your country can do for you" genesis

harmonic tempo of genesis songs. keep it secret.

One of the things about the Genesis’ Reunion tour last summer which struck me as most unusual was the fact that each show was begun with a small mixed video and sound collage.


At the end of that introduction as the most underrated band of my generation took the stage, we are listening to “the voice” – he was asked by the President of the Choate School, an excellent private high school in Wallingford, Connecticut, United States: “ask not what your School can do for you but what you can so for the School.” That voice? John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The best and brightest leader at The Choate School each year wins THE SCHOOL SEAL PRIZE. The winner of that prize in 1958 was alumnus JFK who graduated from Choate in the class of 1935. A *very* close [friend] of mine won the prize in 1989 and in fact had purchased the tickets to the September 27, 2007 show at Giants Stadium – 4th row. Hard study and leadership gets you a good seat! Anyway, it was unusual for this British band who loves their American fans but have never been at all politically active in the United States to have the last words before opening with “Duke’s Opening” with a recording a the infamous words at JFK’s Inauguration: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”


Even more unusual was after listening to all 22 European shows I came to know that the show began the same way *in Europe* – the West is definitely looking for creative, bold, young leaders to rise up from we Americans and be a shining example to the world again. certainly we can set no better an example for the world than by democratically elected an African-American, young, dynamic, educated and confident with a Lincolnensue wish to lead. Name? Barack Hussein Obama, Esq. Is there no better way to show by example they who hated the United States for trying to “force” democracy on them than change leaders, as per protocol of the United States Constitution, from George Walker Bush to one with the same name as Iraq’s dead despot and the man who has been blamed for the alQaeda attacks of 9/11, Osama bin Laden *with no regard to his name or skin color* but rather regard for the best interests in the continued freedom and prosperity of the United States and the World? I think not. Healing is better than getting hurt, and those who seek to do nothing other than inflict pain, such as that of the dictator Salaam Hussein and his sons. Before one is so quick to say that Hussein “was not that bad of a man,” I suggest you read the accounts by any of the “humanitarian” groups who saw Saddam and his sons sharing morning coffee while watching people chosen at random to be killed in last torture. For example, victims were placed inside an industrial size paper shredder, legs first, for the victim know that his legs were being shredded, could see the internal organs fall out of his gut and die in shrieks of unknown horror.

These are the song tempos, in iTunes screen shot form, of the tracks on The Platinum Collection by Genesis.

meanspeed-matherton harmonic tempo chart

Disc one

All songs by Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford, except where noted.

1. “No Son of Mine” – 6:36
Meanspeed=104 beats per minute
2. “I Can’t Dance” – 4:01
Meanspeed=108 beats per minute
3. “Jesus He Knows Me” – 4:18
Meanspeed=190 beats per minute
4. “Hold on My Heart” – 4:38
* Tracks 1 – 4 originally issued on 1991’s We Can’t Dance
Meanspeed=86 beats per minute
5. “Invisible Touch” – 3:28
Meanspeed=131 beats per minute

6. “Throwing It All Away” – 3:50
Meanspeed=84 beats per minute
7. “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” – 4:30
* Edited version
Meanspeed=98 beats per minute
8. “Land of Confusion” – 4:46
Meanspeed=116 beats per minute
9. “In Too Deep” – 4:57
* Tracks 5 – 9 originally issued on 1986’s Invisible Touch
Meanspeed=104 beats per minute
10. “Mama” – 6:49
Meanspeed=83 beats per minute
11. “That’s All” – 4:25
Meanspeed=84 beats per minute
12. “Home by the Sea” – 5:08
Meanspeed=128 beats per minute
13. “Second Home By The Sea” – 6:06
Meanspeed=102 beats per minute
14. “Illegal Alien” – 5:17
* Tracks 10 – 14 originally issued on 1983’s Genesis
Meanspeed=145 beats per minute
15. “Paperlate” – 3:24
* Originally issued on the UK 3 X 3 EP and the deleted North American edition of Three Sides Live in 1982
* Tracks 14 – 15 remixed by Nick Davis
Meanspeed=122 beats per minute
16. “Calling All Stations” (Tony Banks/Mike Rutherford) – 5:45
* Originally issued on 1997’s Calling All Stations
Meanspeed=88 beats per minute

Disc two

All songs by Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford, except where noted.

1. “Abacab” – 6:55
Meanspeed=131 beats per minute
2. “Keep It Dark” – 4:35
* Tracks 1 – 2 originally issued on 1981’s Abacab
Meanspeed=128 beats per minute
3. “Turn it on Again” – 3:51
Meanspeed=131 beats per minute
4. “Behind the Lines” – 5:43
Meanspeed=82 beats per minute
5. “Duchess” – 6:07
Meanspeed=81 beats per minute
6. “Misunderstanding” (Phil Collins) – 3:14
* Tracks 3 – 6 originally issued on 1980’s Duke
Meanspeed=81 beats per minute
7. “Many Too Many” (Tony Banks) – 3:35
Meanspeed=61 beats per minute
8. “Follow You, Follow Me” – 4:09
Meanspeed=93 beats per minute
9. “Undertow” (Tony Banks) – 4:47
* Tracks 7 – 9 originally issued on 1978’s …And Then There Were Three…
Meanspeed=46 beats per minute
10. “…In That Quiet Earth'” (Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Steve Hackett/Mike Rutherford) – 4:56
Meanspeed=107 beats per minute
11. “Afterglow” (Tony Banks) – 4:09
Meanspeed=64 beats per minute
12. “Your Own Special Way” (Mike Rutherford) – 6:19
* Tracks 10 – 12 originally issued on 1977’s Wind & Wuthering
Meanspeed=63 beats per minute
13. “A Trick of the Tail” (Tony Banks) – 4:36
Meanspeed=120 beats per minute
14. “Ripples” (Tony Banks/Mike Rutherford) – 8:08
Meanspeed=71 beats per minute
15. “Los Endos” (Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Steve Hackett/Mike Rutherford) – 5:47
Meanspeed=88 beats per minute

Disc three

All songs by Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Peter Gabriel/Steve Hackett/Mike Rutherford, except where noted.

1. “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” – 4:50
Meanspeed=122 beats per minute
2. “Counting Out Time” – 3:36
Meanspeed=91 beats per minute
3. “The Carpet Crawlers” – 5:01
Meanspeed=73 beats per minute
* Tracks 1 – 3 originally issued on 1974’s The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
4. “Firth of Fifth” – 9:29
Meanspeed=182 beats per minute
5. “The Cinema Show” – 10:49
Meanspeed=82 beats per minute
6. “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” – 3:54
* Tracks 4 – 6 originally issued on 1973’s Selling England by the Pound
Meanspeed=84 beats per minute
7. “Supper’s Ready” – 22:52
* Originally issued on 1972’s Foxtrot
8. “The Musical Box” – 10:24
* Originally issued on 1971’s Nursery Cryme
Meanspeed=73 beats per minute
9. “The Knife” (Tony Banks/Peter Gabriel/Anthony Phillips/Mike Rutherford) – 8:53
* Originally issued on 1970’s Trespass
Meanspeed=139 beats per minute

Ian Schneider
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August 4, 2008

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