Todd Rundgren- “HELLO IT’S ME” – speed=87 4/5 bpm, the speed of renewal embodied. *Legal* Declassified harmonic tempo maps, video links.

I have seen this timeless Todd Rundgren song used on many commercials since I first posted it – I have to admit the Sarah Palin chart is a favorite of mine simply because the photo and the chart and the song are a way that shows the renewal, the regeneration, the resurrection of so may songs in this speed – ~85-89 bpm, where homecoming, renewal and rebirth are predictable. Do you agree?


I wanted to obtain the proper tempo values and instruction for the song by Todd Rundgren called “HELLO IT’S ME.”This Palin chart: has served as the graphic for my shower curtain all year, and I still have not tired of it.  Then again, I made it!

Seeing no source, I measured the song’s tempo myself, and I offer the calibrations and charts which show speed, the invisible.


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Meanspeed-Carlton Summary

song title=Hello, It’s Me
composer=Todd Rundgren
performer=Todd Rundgren
average standard tempo/mean speed=87.8 beats per minute
average beat=683 milliseconds
mean-emotion according to the meanspeed music conjecture=renewal, here in the form of a new sprit of freedom between two between two people who have traversed tough relationship times (aret

Hello, It's Me - meanspeed music contemporary tempo map - H7150
Hello, It’s Me – meanspeed music contemporary tempo map – H7150

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Ian Andrew Schneider
July 12, 2009
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