"(We’re Never Gonna Survive Unless We Get A Little) Crazy" – Seal & Klum determined that Britney will be their’s – linear/radar maps of song

Tempo maps of Seal’s CRAZY by the students of the St. James Charter School of Princeton, New Jersey.

The award for the most “crazy” idea for the entire year will have to go to: the invitation of “super” “model” Heidi Klum and her husband, guitarist, singer, composer Seal.

As if there were not already millions of home in the United States whose lives were based on that which was happening to Britney Spears, Klum and Seal decided: who better to to “adopt” as a legal “guardian” than Britney herself. Klum went into detail ad nauseum in regard to why being a ward of with Britney was the way that she and Seal should lead:
1) Britney is gorgeous, and, as Klum herself said, “And, in all humility, that is what I am known for. Is it a good thing? Sure. But the stress of being as attractive as one of myself teaches lesson that can only be passed on to, well, others in our league“;

Seal – Crazy – tempo_map – St_James_Charter_School – bpm graph radar

2) Britney is not even a musician. Well, not true – she can “sort of sing,” as Klum phrased it, but what does she know of music and any instrument? You hear me? That is where my beautiful husband Seal comes in hard – he will teach her the guitar, and heck, she could be the next Joni Mitchell.

Seal – Crazy – tempo_map – St_James_Charter_School – bpm graph 1

St. James-Carlton Summary supervised by by James Manningsan –
song title=”Crazy”
mean speed=102.6 beats per minute
mean emotion according to the meanspeed conjecture=natural
average beat=585 milliseconds per beat
corresponding pitch=437.76 Hertz.

/Ian Andrew Schneider/
Meanspeed® Music Company
November 24, 2009


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