JACK WAGNER – American Iconic Actor – #BoldandBeautiful® on CBS® – “ALL I NEED” – Tempo maps, measurements, music video with speed-emotion and mood break-down. bpm=70, poise and grace Embodied in *pure speed* analyzed for your pleasure and mine!

Jack Wagner’s mega-hit of 1984, ALL I NEED has no tempo mappings or bpm graphs anywhere on earth for public view: except for that which we produced here!

The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knoes - Meanspeed chart A
Eagles | Try and Love Again | velocity-timeline chart
Eagles | Try and Love Again | velocity-timeline chart

All I need is a song that was popular in 1984.  Its composer and performer, JACK WAGNER of the BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL® of the fantastic CBS® television “daytime” drama, looks, sounds and behaves much as he did over 25 years ago.
In mean speed music’s conjecture, songs that are in the range of 63-69 bpm are songs of ritualistic romance which is traditionally sensual if not impliedly sexual.  Songs between 70-76 bpm are predictably calm, poised, disposed to kindness: in short, graceful and quietly confident.


This song grabbed my ear the first time I heard it, mainly because of the excellent songwriting in the hook, where Jack jumps an octave when he sings “need” in the chorus, as the bass line moves up a strong major third, from the tonic A to C#.  This is a move, as was shown, or heard  in the film OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN as the theme by Jack Ni

All I Need – tempo map by the St. James Charter School

etchze used the same progression in D major, literally lifting one up from D to f# the g natural to A and back.
Upon measuring Jack’s song last night, I thought: this is going to be about 88 to 92.  I got hit with the BAD DAY by Daniel Powter Sounds faster than it is effect.  The two songs have tempos that are literally the same, and because of the happy sub-rhythms the song sounds quicker.  It sounds quicker to me anyway.
The point is, though, that taking either song’s lyrics *alone* one would have a really (seriously really) hard time figuring out the real mood behind the performer.  Yet the even 70 beats a minute in both song tells me, and is a product of a NATURAL OCCURRENCE – no  invention of mine!   I can even do long division and Cartesian graphs.  The speed spectrum as it occurs in nature is something that is there to be enjoyed (or not) to help you control your mindset and mental speed and, as all music, first: HAVE FUN!  When you know that All I Need is 70 – well, that’s kinda cool.  But when you realize that Let It Be, The Chairman’s VERY GOOD YEAR, and Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling In Love with You are literally the same speed, the power you will feel is limited only by YOUR imagination.  Find a speed you love, get into a zone: running, your swimming, walking, cooking, exercising with a lover in bed: the power’s is yours to take.  Apple® has at least 100-500 apps 99¢ or less that with a few taps will tell you basic and useful bpm.  Steve Jobs: he provides a fantastically excellent in use and pure genius: a bpm column which you not only self-control by pressing Control+I on a highlighted song and entering bpm in the information section.


The musicians: hate it.  Why?  It is like telling how Penn & teller do their illusions: many act like arrogant brats who wish they could copyright speed itself as, well, how DARE I find what they exposed in THEIR tempo.  Too bad.  These are mostly the old bands who never saw the Internet cutting into profits, in same cases, that have led to suicide.  Compact disc “box set” revenue was going to keep Foreigner and David Crosby rich forever.  As a musician, each song I present I morally demand myself to PURCHASE, as this song was purchased from iTunes® from Apple´® for 99¢, not a 1989 $25 cd of Jack’s “greatest hits” where, well, I love this song, his others I am just getting warmed up to.

All I Need – tempo map by the St. James Charter School 2

My point?  The business changes, and a great performer as that of a Ronn Moss or Jack Wagner of the *world”s most popular drama, by far are enhanced when one plans for the future.  With the 1970s Player BABY COME BACK and the song discussed, supra, these two men *planned* a life for beyond their “young and pretty” years. The irony: the music keeps them young, as they both look tremendous for their age, and high-definition television is another element of the business both artists rolled with.  Learn from Wagner.  Learn from Moss: when you hear that groove that inspires you, tap it into your iPhone, or write and ask me to feature it, and you can go anywhere you want.  Find your psyche speed, and the power is just something that must be experienced to feel, like drinking great coffee.


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