The CBS® drama 'The Young and the Restless®' proves itself the best stage to feature the Family – The song that comes to mind is the Sister Sledge timeless WE ARE FAMILY: bpm scan maps, videos, tempo maps that can be made into free downloads. bpm=119 1/5

Sister Sledge’s WE ARE FAMILY – precision bpm/tempo maps by the New Jersey Free School.


For twenty-one years, the most popular dramatic television show in the world has been THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS®.  This show is produced by CBS® in a Los Angeles studio.

The theme of the program, which runs almost 40 minutes per day, 5 days a week, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  David Hasselhoff and Sean Young will soon join a cast led by Jeannie Cooper, Eric Braeden, Peter Bergman, and Josh Morrow, Michelle Stafford, Sharon Case, Christian LeBlanc, Kristoff St. John among the many others who have to keep up with this kind of talent.  They are a family themselves.  Is the show “as good as” the Sopranos?  Better – and its on every day, and, no, you don’t need an HBO “hookup” to watch.


As Cooper has noted in public, there is no better cast of players, stage, screen or straight digital anything: you won’t find a better group of actors anywhere.  The show has reached a level of importance that is new due to the severe economic crisis: though the show is sponsored and there are advertisements, the show is free.  Because it is so immensely popular it provides a base of reference whereby anybody can just talk about it.  And yup: if you are in a room with 2 people who know the show and one person who does not, you can speak Y & R, as in, “He thought he handled that like Victor Newman but Jeff Bardwell has never been as tacky as that – not close.  You fans out there know what I mean – not that me, my wife and my mom don’t have a completely separate conversation with my dad present, making the in-law thing much more fun, and after all: it’s all about family. In the end, you have your family – that is as true today as it is hackneyed as a phrase.  For an outstanding layout on the show one night start at wiki – they have the plot summaries, the players, writers, etc, all in excellent form in fine Wikipedia form!

And after all, my mom only ever had one rule: never take the name ‘Victor Newman’ in vain.

Meanspeed®-Carlton-Spencer Speed Summary

song title=WE ARE FAMILY

performer=Sister Sledge

song=We Are Family

young_restless_we_are_family-bpm-scan_meanspeed_music_NJ_Free_School_linear and polynomial trendlines
young_restless_we_are_family-bpm-scan_meanspeed_music_NJ_Free_School_linear and polynomial trendlines

inspired by=The Young and the Restless®, CBS® tv

arithmetic mean speed=119 1/5 bpm

emotive category of mood expression as predicted by the meanspeed® music hypothesis=victory, as songs between 119-128 bpm

average beat=~0.50335 seconds

beat frequency=1.98 Hertz

pitch=508.6 Hertz

Tempo Graphics=students of the New Jersey Free School

/Ian A Schneider/

May 6, 2010

Kendall Park, NJ/NJ Free School


Name: We Are Family
Styles: Soul
Quiet Storm

Album Details

Released: 1979
Label: Cotillion
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Soul
Quiet Storm


Sister Sledge – Sister Sledge is an American musical group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in 1972 and consisting of four sisters: Kim Sledge (born August 21, 1958), Debbie Sledge (born July 9, 1954), Jon…More »

Music Q&A


We Are Family

Review by Alex Henderson

All Music Guide
Before 1979’s We Are Family, Sister Sledge wasn’t a huge name in the R&B/disco world. The group had enjoyed a small following and scored a few minor hits, including “Love, Don’t You Go Through No Changes on Me” in 1974 and “Blockbuster Boy” in 1977. But it wasn’t until We Are Family that the Philadelphia siblings finally exploded commercially, and the people they have to thank for their commercial success are Chic leaders Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. The Rodgers/Edwards team handles all of the writing, producing, and arranging on this album; so not surprisingly, almost everything on We Are Family is very Chic-sounding. That is true of the sexy “He’s the Greatest Dancer” and the anthemic, uplifting title song (both of which soared to #1 on the R&B charts), as well as excellent album tracks like the lush “Easier to Love,” the perky “One More Time,” and the addictive “Thinking of You.” The least Chic-sounding tune on the album is the ballad “Somebody Loves Me,” which favors a classic sweet soul approach and is the type of song one would have expected from Thom Bell, Gamble & Huff, or Holland-Dozier-Holland rather than Rodgers/Edwards. Meanwhile, the intoxicating “Lost in Music” (a #35 R&B hit) is about as Chic-sounding as it…Show more »