Why I Am | live, Europe 2009 | Dave Matthews band legal tempo diagram, video, frequency and vibrational elements.

This is the only precise line of advance in terms of velocity timelines of the song WHY I AM by the Dave Matthews Band. It took a a few hours to do – so it is testable – it is provable or disprovable. I hope you enjoy seeing where there song moves at what speed – especially you athletes and actors out there! Understandably, the musicians who use my pages don’t admit it, and those who don’t trash my choice of cats over dogs or something equally as personal yet trivial.

I measured the song by the Dave Matthews Band called “Why I Am.” The earlier post on this page featured the studio version of the song.

Last night I measured the live version from the album called Europe 2009.


Meanspeed-Carlton Summary
song title=Why I Am
performer=David J. Matthews, Timothy Reynolds, Carter Beauford, Boyd Tinsley, Stefan Lessard/Dave Matthews Band
album=Europe 2009
intellectual property music rights=(P) Bama Rags Recordings, L.L.C.
file type=Purchased AAC audio file
size=9.5 MB
sample rate=44.100 kHz
bit rate=256 kbps
average beat=~0.426143 seconds
median expected tempo/arithmetic mean speed=129.7 beat per minute
frequency=2.1616 Hz
profile=Low complexity
vibration=553.37 Hertz

updated and declassified by matherton, 8/18/16

Author: Schneider

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