Carly Rae Jespen’s “Call Me Maybe” walk up song of Lou Santangelo | from speed to still timing image, median expected tempo, video, similar songs in re: SPEED

Walk up songs are “psyche” songs for some baseball players pre- at bat – at the home stadium. This is a still image of the timing of CALL ME MAY, the walk up song of the Somerset Patriots Lou Santangelo.

Carly Rae Jespen’s “call me maybe” walk up song of Lou Santangelo, the catcher from the Somerset Patriots, Atlantic league baseball.

Call_me_Maybe-Carly_Rae_Jespen-meanspeed | _still_timing image | Santangelo-walk-up
Call_me_Maybe-Carly_Rae_Jespen-meanspeed | _still_timing image | Santangelo-walk-up

Meanspeed®-Carlton Song summary
Performer=Carly Rae Jespen
File Kind=purchased AAC audio File size=6.9
Bit rate=256 bps
sample rate equals=44.100 kHz profile=low complexity

Intellectual-property=© 2012 Interscope Records
composers=Carly Rae Jepsen, Josh Ramsay, Tavish Coro

average beat as a quarter note=.50014seconds
Median expected tempo/arithmetic mean speed=120.0 bpm tone equals 511.85 Hz

W/in 1-2% speed of
Enter Sandman, Metallica
Happy Together, The Turtles
Wasted Words, Allman Brothers band
Instant Karma, John Lennon
Better Days, Bruce Springsteen.

Call_me_Maybe-Carly_Rae_Jespen-meanspeed | _still_timing image |
Call_me_Maybe-Carly_Rae_Jespen-meanspeed | _still_timing image |

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