#np The Beatles | For No One | modern tempo map, educational link | Do Lennon, McCartney, Starr & Harrison hold as much power now as ever?

For No One is a song that is by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

After a hard day, goin' home
After a hard day, goin’ home (Photo credit: Ametxa)
Iván Navarro: Die Again (Monument for Tony Smi...
Iván Navarro: Die Again (Monument for Tony Smith) – inside the cube, at the Towner, Eastbourne (Photo credit: Vicburton)
Beatles contemporary tempo map
For No One / The Beatles / album, ‘revolver’

I recommend anyone interested take a look at some of the 100s of comments left on YouTube.

I’m basically making a playlist on the fly – like you do.  Playlists and mixtapes where too much thought goes into each song – ya can kinda tell, can’t you?

I know today is a big anniversary of the Beatles of the Beatles first landed in the United States.

Ian A Schneider

Brenda Silverman Shore School

February 7, 2013



In order to purchase the song the links are below, along with some recent comments made by some fans.  I do not want to censor anyone, so I haven’t, so excuse me if the word is too [vulgar] for you.  If you are a true Beatles fan, they ought not be.  On to the next song for me.  Thanks for taking time to read, check out the song.

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