Tom Brady Played a NFL® Leading 74.44 Plays Per Game in 2012. Manning of That of a Peyton Manning – “I

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Led Zeppelin-Kashmir-harmonic tempo map
Led Zeppelin-Kashmir-harmonic tempo map
The Long And Winding Road – The Beatles – 3600 Wales tempo map



Peyton Manning wants to run a faster offense.  He told ESPN News:

“For whatever reason, our offense plays better the faster we go. I think that was clear cut last season. The receivers liked it; they got into a rhythm,” Manning told the newspaper. “Anything we can do as an offense to build off that, anything we can do to make us more efficient as an offense, that’s what we’re looking to do.”

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As to the meaning of that, the excellent article below from  It taught me that the stats for plays per game is noteworthy.  For example, the mighty New England Patriots set a record of 74.44 plays per game.

Speed in most cases, be they football or music, can go up and down in speed as this: the more practice that the player does, the more the familiarity with a teammates timing.  The better the familiarity of the structure of a hail Mary pass or C minor 9 chord over a G drone bass is part of knowing.  If a conductor wants to play savagely fast arpeggiations in the key of c minor instead, a core of players who are familiar with each others tempo moves: the conductor down to the first violin and the way same is interpreted, a fast symphony is more impressive because I can assure not so much that the players “play better” than a rival symphony, rather, as Dr. Dan Levitin of Stanford University has brilliantly brought to light especially for his accessible yet razor sharp THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC, Yes, it is true, either you have it or you don’t, and all of we musicians and I hope some of you that bowed out of music for lack of rhythm (I know those who anticipate notes with precision – but always with a ten millisecond anticipatory sound.  Too bad – great sight reader, but the 10, 000 Hour Theory for which Dan provides evidence that no matter how talented Michael Jordan or Jackson or Joe Namath or Tiger Woods or Andre Agassi -made have been at birth in potential, only by rehearsing well over the time the competitors did just made them better at that field for which they were known – there is no such thing as a Michael Jackson, aged 25, never sang or danced in his life, is going to come up to the stage and perform the most magical dance ever created: The Moon Walk.  Nothing but a life of training could prepare him for that.  Michael Jordan, as Dwight

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