Yesterday – McCartney – Chance Chancellor Music Cartography LTD™ With Help From Wales’ TOM JONES!

Yesterday – the saddest song of the past 100 years, here seen as produced by the Chance Chancellor Cartography Company™ ©2013 by Ian Andrew Schneider

Beatles - Yesterday - missing velocity-time diagram
Rest In Peace – to all those who take their own lives – God be with You

F major?  I do not think so – sounds D minor, as Nigel said, is the saddest key of all.

Why?  Because the note which makes a D major a D minor is the dropped semi-tone F# to F.  The key of F slows down to 82 beats per minute, where the groupings of the most miserable songs are found.  F# slows down to 88 beats per minute, where groupings of recovery songs are found.

That’s weird, deep – and true.  So chew in that a bit or just leave the table.  It is that precise – the timing thing.


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Author: Schneider

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