Out Of Woman Comes The Man, Spends The Rest Of His Life Getting Back When He Can – Gabriel – Declassified Tempo

Humdrum is a song from Peter Gabriuel’s first solo album. It has no genre – it is pure Gabriel.


I found a lot of philosophy about Humdrum, listed below from the Public forum in Youtube.

I did the speed measurements.

Hail + fine greeting to all who worked at 59 Shaftsbury Ave, London, for the original sheet music (you copied it for me in person – a surreal experience for me).

Uploaded on Jan 20, 2009

Track 5 from the pictured album, enjoy



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B Luc 

B Luc6 months ago
Best album of Peter (to me)
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B Luc 

B Luc3 months ago (edited)
Ok Theo, nice to meet you. greetings from Belgium(Antwerp region)
T. Theo 

T. Theo3 months ago
Greetings , United States
Jose Miguel Iglesias 

Jose Miguel Iglesias1 month ago
The majestuosity and vastness of Gabriel’s timbral range and the character of his voice, stirs something that brings tears to my eyes. And I’m not even aware of what the song is about! I’d call that not singing, but rather performing with his voice, his instrument.

TheMeep77776 months ago
another classic >>> clap clap
Guilherme Pagliarini 

Guilherme Pagliarini2 months ago
Espetacular, absolutamente fantástica.
Samuel Murillo Santos 

Samuel Murillo Santos5 months ago
the best album of Peter is the 3 !!
Marcial Silva 

Marcial Silva4 months ago
I love at 2:18 his voice changes, obviously special effects but it still sounds really good..so creative and no one like him..my ❤
Marcial Silva 

Marcial Silva4 months ago
Herb Fulger 

Herb Fulger3 months ago
Humdrum is his most beautifully arranged and shows his true genius
Richard Egan 

Richard Egan8 months ago
Like many other of his songs, kind of sad, but so good.
Zul Zappa 

Zul Zappa1 year ago
. . what a gem of a song
Beat Girl 

Beat Girl1 year ago
I think Pete’s the best ever
Francesco Cori 

Francesco Cori1 year ago
Assolutamente fantastica.

nocoincidence561 year ago
It was amazing. Listening to Genesis for years as they progressed from the beginning. Then the exit of Peter.  The years waiting for him to release something…Then,   in 1977 it happened…. a wonderful piece of work.. lovely in every sense……  I love it even more today,nearly 40 years later… What a great composer and musician…….

Aart10 months ago
+nocoincidence56 “The years waiting for him to release something…” I’m only in my twenties, but I think that’s one shared experience of PG’s fan base of all ages XD

nocoincidence5610 months ago
So true!
Richard Egan 

Richard Egan8 months ago
Like the formula involved in several other Gabriel songs, Humdrum seems to rise from a depth of sadness into redemtion. Brilliant.

TheRawmackaw1 year ago
1min 53 seconds is just a special moment. So pure!
Erich Groat 

Erich Groat9 months ago
I have no idea what the first part of the song is about, but the utterly glorious outro, I’ll wager, is about the conception of the songwriter’s daughter. All sorts of notions of sexual coupling: “out of woman come the man, spend rest of his life getting back where he can [man born of woman’s loins; desires them later sexually]; as the bow [phallus] so the dove [female genitals], as below so above [kissing while copulating], from the black hole come the tadpole [ejaculation of sperm] . . . didn’t dare look where I’d begun [another reference to where one had been born]. . . our amoeba, my little Liebe schön [i.e. the embryo which becomes his daughter, his ‘beautiful little love’]. . .”
Richard Egan 

Richard Egan8 months ago
Like many other of his songs, kind of sad, but so good.
Andrew Mann 

Andrew Mann10 months ago
as above so below, this music will endure always… Timeless…
Brad Hampton 

Brad Hampton2 years ago
The first half or so is good, though not what you’d expect from Peter Gabriel. Almost a samba type song. And then, at 1:53…. WHOA!
Levon Peter Muhammad Salah Setyowan Poe 

Levon Peter Muhammad Salah Setyowan Poe1 year ago

Tippersnore1 year ago
Never fails to chill and thrill!
Phil Jarvis 

Phil Jarvis11 months ago
Rodri Monsalve 

Rodri Monsalve1 year ago
temaso!!!! que buen disco!!!

andyr13131 year ago
Some things never change- at 1:54, here comes the flood of my tears…
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roby301 year ago
i hear you

cuerpoeperra6 months ago
+andyr1313 jajajajajajaja me too!!!! why???? i can not understand what he is singing…….but the feel is so strong!

comment dire i love this song and i love peter gabriel
William Victor Newbold 

William Victor Newbold1 year ago
What kind of car is in this image?  ahhhh help before I explode,, again.

slapshot19711091 year ago
A Lancia Flavia.

zkxe2 years ago
The closing section is slowed down.  You can tell by the timber in Peter’s voice.
Richard Cameron 

Richard Cameron2 years ago
He pulls it off live so I don’t know.
John F 

John F1 year ago
I never noticed that before, you may be right.

beldub011 year ago
Life is too short to be depressed or let it pass you by, life is wonderful , thanks for reminding me Peter

HalifaxChicken21 year ago
Out of woman come the man, spend the rest of his life getting back when he can.”  Ain’t THAT the truth…:)
Mark Buchanan 

Mark Buchanan2 years ago
As I drove into the sun, didn’t dare look where I had begun, Lost among echoes of things not there, Watching the sound forming shapes in the air. From the white star, came the bright scar, Our amobea My little liebe schoen.
Doctor Garbonzo 

Doctor Garbonzo1 year ago
Uniquely Gabriel

puckering12 years ago
Love it thanks for the post
Fred Cory 

Fred Cory2 years ago
The unexpected and contrasting interlude is delightful. It reminds me of the movie Brazil where the commuters in the busy train station suddenly all start waltzing together.  The coda is vintage English cathedral choir glory.  What a gem and what a unique voice!  Testosterone and mystery rolled into one. I’m so glad I was a teenager in this period of rock.
jim estrada 

jim estrada2 years ago
Peter Gabriel and Terry Gilliam are both brilliant minds.  I would listen to anything Peter composed because it was him, just like I would see anything Terry directed because it was him.  The train station scene is one of Terry’s most magical creative moments…it was in The Fisher King, though.  Both movies are amazing, but I wanted to get the right film mentioned in case someone wants to take your advise and watch it.

cuerpoeperra6 months ago
+Fred Cory Got some argentinian Tango i think
j pierre joquel 

j pierre joquel2 years ago
and more…

Pardalysbleu1 year ago
So perfect…

TheEleventhIndian2 years ago
The perfect Soundtrack for climbing out of the abyss…from wandering through hopeless night…
Jennifer Grove 

Jennifer Grove2 years ago
Richard Berger 

Richard Berger2 years ago
Wow…I didn’t play this song for many years and it blew me away right away again. Having been one of the biggest PG fan’s,I followed my heart in the 90’s and went to the conservatoire to study classical music,but the spirit of Jim Morrison was still in me, after many years,well actually I was Janis,Jimmy and Jim in one person, when it comes to the intake of drugs,but I never neglegted my classical music and am blessed with a very full and characteristic baritone voice.This year is my comeback!
Gabriel Quezada 

Gabriel Quezada2 years ago
Me, listening Peter Gabriel to avoid the humdrum
Julian M 

Julian M2 years ago
Awesome imagery isn’t it? Out of woman come the man, spend the rest of his life gettin back where he can, as a bow, so a dove, as below, so above, from the black hole come the tadpole with the dark soul, in coal she burn, she burn as I drove into the sun, didn’t dare look where I had begun, lost among echoes of things not there, watching the sound forming shapes in the air, from the white star came the bright scar, our amobea “my little liebe schön”
Roberta Battisti 

Roberta Battisti3 years ago
Edwin Riley 

Edwin Riley3 years ago
I was looking for peter north videos and I stumbled upon this jem….

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