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Eminem-feat-Rhianna-The-Monster-meanspeed-tempo-map-bpm-chart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHkozMIXZ8w

Nuhman-Carlton Speed Summary

song title=The Monster

performers=Eminem and Rihanna

median expected tempo/arithmetic mean speed=110.0 beats per minute

average beat=545.454 milliseconds

Bit Rate=256 kbps

Sample Rate=44.100 kHz

music seller=iTunes®

Trying to predict the effect of variable sampl...
Trying to predict the effect of variable sample rate sine wave synthesis (Photo credit: Richard Corfield (M0RJC))

File Size=8.8 MB

File Kind=m4a

File Type=AAC audio File

Profile=Low Complexity


Intellectual Property=©2013 Aftermath Records

Not Afraid
Not Afraid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andrew Matherton

December 27, 2013



English: Digital representation of an analog t...
English: Digital representation of an analog time-series sampled at a fixed sample rate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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