Lou Reed – declassified harmonic tempo probability charts

What is good to Lou Reed – what WAS good to the late, GREAT, Lou? Here, declassified Lou tempo harmonic probability maps.

Wen I saw Lou Reed performing the song LIFE’S GOOD on the David Letterman Show in 1992, I thought it was one of the most laid back super coolest songs I’d ever heard.  I just played it for the host – in the middle of the Denver at San Diego game – and everyone is rocking out.  I hope this gets this song more publicity.  It had the bad luck of being written and recorded when with no internet there were no “singles” but for the cassette singles that were disposable.  Nor were there any EP’s nor YouTube performances.  Then again, we weren’t in a multi-part war of singular nonstop doublespeak.   I mean, the president’s role in a war where we were attacked especially is to employ Sun Tzu‘s rule #1 – always be deceptive.  So everyone kinda gets a pass.  You never know when a deceptive move is really winning America a war.  Ya just don’t know.


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Rock and Roll Diary: 1967–1980 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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