Simply Red, Michelle Stafford and Holding Back The Years: Does the Idea Haunt Carlos Danger, aka Anthony Weiner?

an experiment in harmonic tempo analysis featuring the measurements from the simply red song Holding Back The Years

Official portrait of United States Congressman...
Official portrait of United States Congressman (D-NY). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Anthony Weiner, NYC, May 2011 (Pre-"Weine...
Anthony Weiner, NYC, May 2011 (Pre-“Weinergate”) (Photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography)

Disgraced Anthony Weiner, in his attempt to become the mayor of New York City exposed his new identity.

He has got to be singing this to himself in regret of the whole Carlos Danger thing.


Michelle Stafford leaves the Young and the Restless tempo-history- HOLDING-BACK-THE-YEARS-SIMPLY-RED.01 PM copy

Author: Schneider

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