Dreams #9 & #11 of Jimmy Deluva – Mood + Emotion in The Beatles – Speed: Is it the tiny missing element of understanding or just a # on a metronome?

Do bands care about the speed of a song when they record emoting and presenting emotion in a raw way, or are is there a natural power in speed as the determiner of attitude?

As Paul McCartney said, 250 years from now people will still know the work of the Beatles as well as we know the music of Mozart. I agree!



Let It Be - The Beatles - Contemporary tempo map by menaspeed music public school - LET IT BE 5

tempo map - HERE COMES THE SUN - Beatles - meanspeed school

She's-Leaving-Home-The Beatles_meanspeed modern tempo map


Updated by me on February 18, 2016. For getting mocked on Colbert for using the word “confidential,” he is spot on – they do look silly now. However, when I was first measuring these songs no one had ever archived anything in any form to make a person see the speed changes and lack of speed changes of a 3 minute or 7 minute song into 4 inches.

Many of the beats per minute applications and software attempts fail as visual learning for two reasons:

  1. The Y-Axis of most beats-per-minute programs is large and not adjustable, making the ability to see the tempo changes impossible; and
  2. At those amazing times when the Y-Axis is fitting anything – a song, a run, a swimming lap – the visual graph or chart of the continuous complete differentiable speeds would be, when printed out, a scroll that looks like one of those things those who waste their life destroying others’ lives burn in houses of worship of the most abused people in the history of people. And that doesn’t work. Ya cannot see it 16 feet around the room.

I know people who know Sir Paul and he has ignored everything I’ve done.  He has also rejected any music attitude therapy, or just *having fun*, by not *playing* an instrument. His school at New York University told me to change my views – this was 1990 though.  The ideas are not mutually exclusive. Not at all. I think they do a fantastic job with music therapy. But they are Arrogant.  Once they earned the seal of approval from Paul himself your ideas ay NYU are not welcome. They would deny this.  I say: test them.  Go to their disgraceful piano practice rooms where the sound is “they must only tune the pianos every other year or maybe five years.  Look at what someone does, not what they say.  That’s why on these pages I like the idea of showing my work  – writing about speed itself is a weight on my brain that gets lighter the better able I am to accept that I’m accepted – not because I care about ME – I don’t even use one name long enough to have an identity!  It’s all about the counter-intuition and quant nature of music speed which has implications for frequencies of all kinds.

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