Legally purchased and rentable LIVE FROM JAPAN, 1995 – Declassified Harmonic Tempo Maps: “The First Circle” – Support Your Musicians Legally!

“yeah, but if I’m the only one with a brain with damage that actually has benefits, and by the odds of surviving a brain aneurysm are 30%, and even we 30% have a different brain afterwards (I tried to hide this for years but as Charlie Sheen yold me – THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE). These are things I passed on in private to Dr. Borchwrs and Leveton, who instead of helping were thieves, one mystery death and one flee to Canada, tweaking ideas he did NOT come up with. Ah, alas, the beauty ofi the internet ARCHIVE. Unlike what Edison did to Tessla, Levetin and other dead people cannot clain to have “discovered” something without getting into a savage battle of morality, which, if you are a scammer or liar does not work on the web. His “new” ideas are stolen from material I gave him after my aneurysm in 1999. We’ll see how it all turns out.

I looked on the Internet to find out if I could find an accurate tempo illustration of the patina seen a group and their performance of the song the first circle when they played the we live here tour in Japan.

Having found none, I had some fun using a new time-measure method, which my computer and I call spike 2.7, and the reason the background for some of these charts are from the John F. Kennedy Center I was lucky enough in 1984 to see Pat Matheny and hear Pat Matheny’s group Play in front of a very mixed racial audience as this song was being developed Night after night.There’s no one genre into which the Pat Matheny group falls do not pop they’re not rocked or not jazz they are that have a thingy group and probably the most overlooked instrumental composers of the last half-century with Pat Metheny in the most brilliant piano player I’ve ever seen Mr. Lyle Mays all held together with solid syncopated with creation of more complex sound by using silences in the base Mr. Steve Robbie and Paul Wertico on the drums it’s Fantastic.




meanspeed-matherton undisclosed-speed-experiment- Pat Metheny-Bruce Hornsby- The Tide Will Rise.png




The spirit of competion is why I like Pat so much.  He knows his work inside out, Levetin knows he knows everything except how to be brilliant without thievery.  Lotta people desperate like that these days.  The truth, though, with archiving: the TRUTH WILL OUT instantaneously.


I know that when Mr. Metheny first saw what I was doing he said that I was an [idiot] who was trying to quantify the unquantifiable what she said without speaking to me no ready to me nor talking to any of the professors with whom I have contact. That was last century. I think as I’ve kept on the same Mission we’re this year I’ve been able to reduce the entire theory to finding that emotion can be described as some part of Square root of 15 seconds divided by five are even more simply two times the square root of 15 seconds. Anybody has any questions about that do not hesitate to comment right seek Jess that I try something else suggest a song that might be more challenging a song that you want to see the speed of a work with pecisoin or not at all.






Author: Schneider

Recovering from 5 brain operations, savage subarachnoid aneurysm. Member of New York bar, May 1991-peresent. "Nothing can stop the man with right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude" - THOMAS JEFFERSON