The Cognitive Music tempo of The Beatles – DAY TRIPPER – speed=138 bpm

declassified, revised and edited for use 8/14/16 by matherton experiment staff

Eleanor Rigby - THE BEATLES tempo - Meanspeed®...
Eleanor Rigby – THE BEATLES tempo – Meanspeed® Music Tempo Graphic (Photo credit: meanspeed)
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Psychology of Tempo Map – John Lennon – Imagine – meanspeed®music 2009 temop black (Photo credit: meanspeed)
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Psychology Of Tempo Graph – Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb – THE WALL speed of ritual black and white melodrama psychology of tempo (Photo credit: meanspeed)



by the Beatles falls in category 14–mixed fast. Creative title–not.
So said, it is my hypothesis that when a song has a mean speed of over
129 beats per minute, the theme goes outside a predictable victorious
mood into a mixed stae. That mixed state may be of any emotion at all.
The mean speed of DAY TRIPPER is very Rolling Stones–I think 1/2 of
the Stones songs clock in at this speed–between 132 and 142 BPM.

This song was written and recorded whe all the Beatles were high from marijuana. Then again, same is true for every Beatles song ever recordedd. Source: The Beatles. (IN THEIR *OWN* WORDS ONLY).

These are two polynomial algebraic graphs, formulas courtesy of Microsoft’s Excel for Windows.

Meanspeed-Carlton Summary

mean speed/objective tempo=138.0 bpm
average beat in objective time=435 milliseconds between beats
beat frequency=2.3 beats per second
mean slow phase=2.3 cycles per second
corresponding tone=294.40 Hertz, 6 cents above D4=293.665 Hz and 94 cents below D#4/Eb4=311.127

Ian Andrew Schneider
January 24, 2014


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