Indianapolis Colts defeat Jets with more experienced tempo control by PEYTON MANNING. Jay-Z and the NJ Free School acknowledge the better team with BPM analysis and tempo graphics of JAY-Z and ALICIA KEYS’ “EMPIRE STATE OF MIND”

What’s kinda cool about the Empire State of Mind is the EXACT same speed as Eminem’s LOSE YOURSELF. You might want to try that on a ‘psyche’ loop.

harmonic tempo measurements declassified by matherton experiment staff on 8/13/16

Jay-Z_Alicia_Keys - Empire_State_Of_Mind - the_tempo_map_NJ_Free_School_1012
Jay-Z_Alicia_Keys – Empire_State_Of_Mind – the_tempo_map_NJ_Free_School_1012
Jay-Z_Alicia_Keys - Empire_State_Of_Mind - the_tempo_map_NJ_Free_School_5_0322
Jay-Z_Alicia_Keys – Empire_State_Of_Mind – the_tempo_map_NJ_Free_School_5_0322

I’ve watched every Jets game for the last 40 years where I have had *any* tv ability.  When I went to college in Clinton, NY, I was almost crying when I turned on the Jets game opening Sunday, 1981, only to see the Buffalo Bills.  Buffalo is, after all, closer to Clinton than the Meadowlands.

More importantly, neither the “New York” Giants nor Jets played in New York *once* all year.  Usually the Jets play their division rival Buffalo Bills in my friend Chris Pope’s home town of Buffalo.  This year, though, the Jets played with Toronto hosting the Bills at the Rogers Centre.

The EMPIRE STATE OF MIND is *precisely* same speed to Eminem’s LOSE YOURSELF.  You may want to try that on a psyche loop.

So we of the Empire State who have followed the Jets since the Shea Stadium days were, as we were expecting, heartbroken again today.  But ya know: sports is so amazingly fantastically great to watch in that at the end, no one dies, your dog still loves you and you get in bed with the other 30 teams that didn’t win it all this year either.

Jay-Z_Alicea_Keys – Empire_State_Of_Mind – the_tempo_map_NJ_Free_School_sepia

Bob Costas once *left* football analysis because he called it a , “[Brutal, barbarian activity that barely qualified as a sport].”  Now let me say, like Mr. Costas, I am a huge baseball fan.  So said, both sports are violent and potentially fatal (a foul ball in the head, 2003, killed a Class AA coach who.

Meanspeed-Spencer® Summary
song title=Empire State of Mind
performer=Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
arithmetic mean speed/average expected tempo=86.7 bpm
frequency=369.92 HZ where F#4=349.228 Hz and G4=391.995 Hz
bit rate=256 kbps
sample rate =44.100 kHz
File type=Purchased AAC Audio file
digital recording downloaded=iTunes® by Apple®
file type=m4p
average beat=0.700 seconds
contemporary tempo maps=Ian A Schneider, James Manningsan

What’s kinda cool about the Empire State of Mind is the EXACT same speed as Eminem’s LOSE YOURSELF.

Further: thanks Jets for a great year.  See you next year, Section 205!

Jay-Z_Alicia_Keys – Empire_State_Of_Mind – the_tempo_map_NJ_Free_School_2_17

Ian Andrew Schneider

Jay-Z_Alicea_Keys - Empire_State_Of_Mind - the_tempo_map_NJ_Free_School_0128
Jay-Z_Alicia_Keys – Empire_State_Of_Mind – the_tempo_map_NJ_Free_School_0128

New Jersey Free School,

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January 24, 2010