Seeing the Speed of Beatles -"Taxman" – REVOLVER- Speed Charts, iTunes ScreenShots, All Calibrations Revealed – No Registration Required!

What is the precise tempo line of the Beatles’ song by George Harrison TAXMAN? Can you find it anywhere on earth? No? Well, here you go.


“Taxman” is the first track from ‘Revolver’, an album written and performed by the Beatles. Upon thorough examination of the deepest parts of cyberspace, I could not find a space or representation of speed that reflected accurate tempo maps to this song.

At this point, The Beatles are our classical music, as Paul McCartney once said – well, he said it when he saw the sheet music to a Mozart quartet and something to the effect that the Beatles compositions would be the classical music of the future. He was right.

Meanspeed-Spencer Speed Summary
Song title=”Taxman”
composer=George Harrison
Performer=The Beatles
Trials calibrated=9
Calibration supervision=James C.C. Manning, A.S.C.
Beats measured=2,970
Time elapsed, complete=1,331.07 seconds
Average beat=0.448 seconds
Average velocity/mean speed=133.9 beats per minute
Corresponding pitch=571.2 Hertz
Recording source=CDP 7 464412
Digital mastering=A/A/D
Manufacturer=Capitol Records, Inc.
Intellectual property=© 1966, E.M.I. Records, Ltd.
Publishing rights=© 1966, Northern Songs, Ltd.
apparent message of song=pay your taxes, and be prepared to feel like you are paying the government too.
song ripped off=The Batman Theme, 1966 version
most interesting rhyme=’be’ and ‘me’, where we ‘see’ –
Let me tell you how it will be There’s one for you, nineteen for me
Coolest element that has nothing to do with tempo=the D7(#9) chord! (“taxman!”)

Most vital element of song=Paul’s perfect bass line which is simple, yet for its time, it stands the test of time as that of a Mozart. The genius is simplicity, fluidity and a preternatural ability to create counterpoint lines without effort.

meanspeed-matherton experiment
March 4, 2016