“IF I COULD FLY” – tempo/speed maps, the genius JOE SATRIANI Video link.

Going onto the universe, I looked for a precise tempo of Joe Satriani”s instrumental called IF I COULD FLY.

[edited, republished, declassified, edited for _public_ use by silverman matherton]


Going onto the universe

JOE_SATRIANI- IF_I_COULD_FLY - tempo maping by the annie sullivan jackson house #bpm - KATHERINE CHANCELLOR TYPE GRAPH
JOE_SATRIANI- IF_I_COULD_FLY – tempo maping by the annie sullivan jackson house #bpm – KATHERINE CHANCELLOR TYPE GRAPH

I looked for a precise tempo of Joe Satriani”s instrumental called IF I COULD FLY.

JOE_SATRIANI- IF_I_COULD_FLY - tempo mapping by the annie sullivan jackson house #bpm_121
JOE_SATRIANI- IF_I_COULD_FLY – tempo mapping by the annie sullivan jackson house #bpm_121

I was particularly intersted in the song as (1) I like it, (2) he has claimed in Federal Court that the band COLDPLAY plagiarized the song.  I decided to go a little CSI – Music and am investigating this.  I faound this to be the speed measurements of said said song:

Meanspeed-Carlton Speed Summary

Joe_Satriani_If_I_Could_Fly_bpm_map_annie sullivan_jackson_schoolhouse_map
Joe_Satriani_If_I_Could_Fly_bpm_map_annie sullivan_jackson_schoolhouse_map

song title=If I Could Fly

composer=Joe Satriani

performerer=Joe Satriani

median expected tempo/arithmetic mean speed/MM=130.5 bpm

average beat=0.4598 seconds

JOE_SATRIANI- IF_I_COULD_FLY - tempo maping by the annie sullivan jackson house #bpm_mm
JOE_SATRIANI- IF_I_COULD_FLY – tempo maping by the annie sullivan jackson house #bpm_mm

Searching the internet, I found no one asserting anything with confidence in regard to the speed fo the song:

Search Results

  1. YouTube – Joe Satrianiif i could fly

    Aug 25, 2007 Digital Loop.movby DigitalLoopmusic330 views · 4:53. Add to. Added to queue JOE SATRIANI if i could fly guitarby MrStratodarius164 views
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMcjXo8ZuqE – Cached – Similar

  2. Joe SatrianiIf I Could Fly – Video, listening & stats at Last.fm

    Watch the video & listen to Joe SatrianiIf I Could Fly. If I Could Fly appears on the album Is There Love in Space?. The BBC reports (Dec 5th 2008) that
    http://www.last.fm › Joe Satriani › Tracks – Cached – Similar
  3. If I Could Fly by Joe Satriani

    If I Could Fly by Joe Satriani, Is There Love In Space? Loading Album… Loading… ddy j: “OF The Best Music Joe Satriani Heart On The Voices”
    http://www.ilike.com/artist/Joe+Satriani/track/If+I+Could+Fly – Cached – Similar
  4. Help Coldplay beat the Joe Satriani lawsuit! | Facebook

    30 posts – 16 authors

    No matter what the outcome of this by Joe Satriani has got his name and his …. every drumline, and every tempo change, which clearly is un-fuckin-true. A couple of new interesting points on “If I Could Fly” by Joe Satriani and
    http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=15253175252&topic… – Cached

  5. Joe SatrianiIf I Could Fly Guitar Tab (Digital Download)

    See and download Joe Satriani If I Could Fly sheet music in your browser. Tempo: Moderate Rock. Metronome: q = 136. Notation: Guitar TAB Transcription
    http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtd.asp?ppn=MN0088696 – Cached
  6. Satriani Lawsuit: Music Theory Analysis

    Did Coldplay copy Joe Satriani’s Song, “If I Could Fly,” coldplay_rhythm. *The primary “Rhythmic Elements” in music are: METER, BEAT, TEMPO.
    http://www.creativeguitarstudio.com/satch…/music_theory.php – Cached – Similar
  7. Joe Satriani Suing Coldplay For Plagiarism

    Dec 7, 2008 and Joe Satriani’s is “If I Could Fly” off the album. over an identical chord progression AND tempo will seal Coldplay’s fate.
    http://www.bloggingmuses.com/…/joesatriani-coldplay-plagiarism/ – Cached – Similar
  8. Coldplay Admits Plagiarism

    Jul 4, 2005 In the case of Joe Satriani, I figured his music didn’t “capture” any more I went and played his song “If I could Fly“- And yes they lifted parts from it. …. It is identical, in tempo, scale, rhythm and direction.
    http://www.plagiarismtoday.com/2005/…/coldplay-admits-plagiarism/ – Cached – Similar
  9. Viva la Vida – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The song is played in the key of A♭ major at a tempo of 137 beats per minute, while the …. of his instrumental track “If I Could Fly” from his 2004 album Is There Love in Space? …..Joe Satriani vs. Coldplay: Viva la difference?”.
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viva_la_Vida – Cached – Similar
  10. Satriani sues Coldplay for Plagiarism – Artists – Music

    100+ posts – 100+ authors – Last post: Dec 6, 2008

    The accents, the tempo, the same spot that the similar lick is played at all …. Speaking exclusively to MusicRadar on 6 December, Joe Satriani…… I had a listen of Satriani’s “If I Could Fly” and while some of the
    forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1100203 – Cached

People are opinionated: IN PUBLIC!  For example:

  • when you listen to both songs in their entirity, the similarity to the listener is only a tiny portion of the satriani song. The two songs as a whole, sound quite different. If these similarities constitute plagarism then the majority of songs heard on the radio are rip offs because these sorts of similarities have been happening since recorded music began.

    frequencyking 2 weeks ago
  • 1:22-2:00 oh my god!!!!! And this moment at 1:45 is probably the best moment in the history of music:)

    bozetici 2 weeks ago
  • Sorry but at no point do I hear coldplays viva la vida, whether its just me i dont know. A good tune by the way!

    TheTUDOR91 3 weeks ago
  • @TheTUDOR91 if you look up cat steven’s heaven youll hear it

    rebel4thecolorbrown 2 weeks ago
  • Why’s it called a sample in hip hop and “copying” in rock?

    BradWest96 3 weeks ago
  • @BradWest96 I’ve said the same thing so many times. *sigh* But people don’t listen, so, why bother?

    ABitDisconsolate 2 weeks ago
  • @ABitDisconsolate Good to know there’s at least one other sane being on the planet.

    BradWest96 2 weeks ago
  • honestly i don’t believe coldplay deliberately stole this from satch because it’d imply that coldplay listened to this.

    mailedbypostman 3 weeks ago 5
  • @mailedbypostman Coldplay admitted he copyed it and that half of his songs are little pieces of songs…. he is a thieve .

    ProjectBlacktalon 2 days ago 3
  • its funny, coldplay took this song and simplified the riffs, ach i dont care i like viva la vida, its got a nice beat and the vocals are alright an all, but this………WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA­H fucking bring it on, GENIUS

    TheKuntychops 1 month ago
  • Oh y’all just quit your bickering already! Joe’s the best and Coldplay is not. That’s all there is to it, so enjoy the amazing song here!

    padlockd 1 month ago 2
  • Satch is on the cover of January’s Guitar Player Magazine, titled “King Of Melodic Shred”….it’s on stands now…….Guitar Player Magazine knows who the King is!

    zeliig 1 month ago
  • I barely hear viva La vida in this, this song is also Gay, Viva la vida is amazing you’ll jsut butthurt that Chris martin is greater then you faggots, so suck my dick and get a life stop fighting over the fuckign internet. Kthx

    mycokerulesyayD 1 month ago
  • @mycokerulesyayD

    That’s ironic because almost everyone I know who likes Coldplay is either a woman or a gay man.

    Scarified2012 1 month ago 2
  • Coldplay is better no matter what

    mycokerulesyayD 1 month ago
  • Stop, stop. I like Satriani n`coldplay. This song is very similar that “Fracés Limón” by Enanitos Verdes. Check it out.

    So, the idea of this songs are similar, cuz is a simple melody. So… Dont fight, please.

    herisoberanes 1 month ago
  • Great song but sounds nothing like viva la vida. In fact, i think it sounds more like the end of “yes” by coldplay (Starting at 4:05). This just shows that alot of songs sound alike or have similar choruses but that doesn’t mean they were copied/stolen. After all most pop/rock music use the same 4 chords in one way or another, its bound to happen that after listening to a couple thousand songs two of them are going to sound very similar.

    v4Vanquish 1 month ago
  • @v4Vanquish Are you kidding me

    teemell19 3 weeks ago
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    13kover 1 month ago
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    13kover 1 month ago
  • @13kover

    Alright ,I am not sure how you decided that no one likes this song(probably you have a retarded brain).Also,this guy sued the best band in the world ,and at the end of day the best band in the world settled with Joe (I hope this tickles your brain to think ,if it is capable of doing that ) and Joe came up with the song first so you might want to look what the best band in the world is up to.

    abhinitb1 1 month ago
  • @13kover> I’m sorry but check out what or who is stupid…this “guy” has been making wonderful music more than 25 years…

    hayunspain 1 month ago
  • This song is fantastic, one of Joe’s best!

    TheUndert0ker 1 month ago
  • So Joe Satriani sued Coldplay because the chorus were similar to Satriani’s “If I Could Fly” and Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida”… I don’t know. I know that Coldplay coincidently had this in their song too, but still. I still like both of their songs. Like this song is cool, but Viva la Vida is also pretty nice. *sigh* If only Coldplay borrowed this part, like how (I think his name is Jay Sean) borrowed that “Watcha” part from Imogen Heap… -_- Then they wouldn’t have to be in this mess… >_>

    AngelCinny8 1 month ago
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    letsplaywiththunder 1 month ago
  • great stuff from joe,whether coldplay copied i don’t worry about it,its music.

    davidandpatti120 1 month ago 2
  • i love both coldplay and Jor, but if i could fly is better than viva la vida in my opinion! and i think it’s just a coincidence…

    bachir1992 2 months ago
  • Coldplay are more popular, taht’s why they have more views. Coldplay knows everyone,.

    It’s sad that Satriani isn’t in same way, because He is WA BETTER.

    Satriani is guitar god!

    ZapoX1996 2 months ago 24
  • @ZapoX1996 If there is any1 who steals music its coldplay

    satch0phile 3 weeks ago
  • @ZapoX1996 you be surprised though how many people know who satriani is. hes the modern day steve vai and jeff beck of what they were when they were in their “prime”. not that either one isnt now but satriani is still making music today. and is in a great fucking band known as the almighty chickenfoot!

    SymbolicX5461 3 days ago
  • can i just say 1 thing, this video has 437’382 hits Viva La Vida has 62’137’000 so even if they did copy i think we know who made it better!

    guitar3hero3 2 months ago
  • @guitar3hero3 popular does not equal better

    son12509 2 months ago
  • Comment removed
    ZapoX1996 2 months ago
  • @guitar3hero3 more views doesnt mean better you know? 😛 there are videos of fat kids falling with 3,000,000 views…and that doesnt make them better than short art films with little views…got my point? 🙂

    RicardoDiazHimself 2 months ago
  • @guitar3hero3 yea well cold play would hav 0 hits if it wasnt for joe

    prolific187 2 months ago
  • I’m a huge Coldplay fan…but I definitely think they copied this from Joe. It sounds a lot like Viva La Vida.

    AReynolds3 2 months ago
  • joe satriani just impregnated my wife

    SamStats722 2 months ago
  • J’écouterais plus jamais coldplay de la même manière …

    VoOrT3xX 2 months ago
  • Cant even tell.

    MadmanKillEmAll 2 months ago
  • i am the 1000th to like this ^^

    Agony293 2 months ago
  • Personally, I believe Viva La Vida was a huge mistake and never should have been done. Many if not most of you will probably hate me for saying this, but I’m a die-hard Coldplay fan, and I absolutely love Chris Martin. Coldplay has so many great songs, especially on their first albums, but the whole Viva la Vida thing is overrated. They are better than that, so forgive them please! on the bright side, I have a better chance of getting Chris to myself xD

    omgitzxolaurenn 2 months ago
  • Why is there competition between this guy and coldplay? Wasnt that like years ago? its one song people, he won, if you love him, great, if you love coldplay, great…..Enjoy the piece, they settled it, why cant you lot? Is it so hard just to put “great music”? If you wanna moan about something just plop justin beiber in there somewhere 😀

    sirbradalott 2 months ago
  • Two things:

    1. Coldplay sucks.

    2. Whoever is saying that he loves Satriani and Coldplay is mind fucked.

    Thats like saying i love Metallica and Justin Bieber.

    Chester1004 2 months ago
  • @Chester1004 not really, you can like different styles of music. it’s not like this guy is death metal is it. i’ve only heard this song by him but i like it and i like coldplay. so fu.

    AmourLyubov 2 months ago
  • @Chester1004 wdf are you talking about coldplay are so damn talented do you even know what music is!

    genesis6mythology 2 months ago
  • @genesis6mythology

    I know what real music is i listen over 400 different bands and musicians and i can guarantee you they are all better then this gay band.

    Chester1004 2 months ago
  • musical collisions happen all the time. I dont know why people argue over coldplay and satriani. lol it’s dumb. MUSIC IS TO BE ENJOYED NOT FOUGHT OVER d•_•b

    BradShreds 3 months ago
  • @BradShreds

    But you can’t just go around stealing things.

    Mordain607 2 months ago
  • @Mordain607 yes but I’m saying accidents happen. nobody stole anything. (maybe) I’m just letting everyone know that there are positive sides to what may seem like bad situations. if anything Satriani deserves the song 😛 viva la vida is overplayed

    BradShreds 2 months ago
  • @BradShreds

    As a musician, I can say with quite a lot of certainty, that this wasn’t stolen. Sometimes, you can see how they might have done it accidently, or subconcious – maybe just stumbled upon a similar chord sequence. But here, the chord sequence is the same (save one slightly changed chord) the melody is the same, the texture is the same, the tempo is the same – they’re too similar to be coincidence.

    Mordain607 2 months ago 3
  • I wonder if anyone knows what sampling is.

    klsjafksjdfklsdfjkls 3 months ago
  • They need to tell Kanye’s fans

    TheSuperchicken2000 3 months ago
  • @klsjafksjdfklsdfjkls

    Ermm… when you sample something, it’s usually one part – not a melody, chord sequence, style. Also, they usually credit the person they sampled. Oh, and when someone points out they sampled someone, they seldom deny it.

    Mordain607 2 months ago
  • coldplay lol

    HyPeRUnKoMaN 3 months ago
  • No início de dezembro do ano passado, o Coldplay foi indicado a seis Grammys e a música “Viva La Vida” entrou nas categorias “gravação principal” e “canção do ano”. Um dia após a cerimônia de indicados ao Grammy, Satriani entrou na Justiça acusando o Coldplay de copiar “trechos originais substanciais”

    as acusações vieram numa hora bem conveniente não acham…? satriani toca mt e eu adoro coldplay… plagio? acho que não..

    maverycks90 3 months ago
  • The songs sound great together. Coldplay should have done the right thing and collaborated with Joe, then released it.

    rkid007 3 months ago
  • Coldplay sucks! This song is amazing though!

    Freebyrd1991 3 months ago 2
  • How did this get 146 dislikes?

    KROBB19 3 months ago 3
  • best song joe has done saying that there all fuckin good and i,ve been a fan of his since 85 .i am sick of seeing coldplay bullshit look coldplay are okay but they havnt got the touch like joe has

    tearsintherain1000 3 months ago
  • @tearsintherain1000 Cold Play”s best work so far was A rush of Blood to the Head… this from a complete metal head and guitar shredder. I’ll give this one to you…. nothing that Cold Play has devised has near the melodic intricacy and Joe has every right to question the influence on a tune that was obviously taken from his work. He has never gotten coverage in the mainstream but he has maintained fans for years just by making incredible music and Cold Play shouldn’t disrespect that.

    fishguru73 3 months ago 2
  • coldplay suxs, joe is the man end of story,

    smurfnz 2 months ago
  • The reason why nothing is official is because Coldplay paid St.Satch a couple bucks to keep his mouth shut

    Khauser14 3 months ago

    Because the YouTube comment section is filled with the most idiotic, miss-informed retards (like you) I have EVER seen. Seriously.

    MajesticLuuk1 2 months ago

    DUDE5150OK 3 months ago
  • Actually, I might sue the artist for copying a hum I made in ’03, it sounds similar…

    adamkerr6894 3 months ago
  • Erm… For all you haters out there, saying coldplay rip off loads of songs…

    Name every song other than this that has been ripped off by Coldplay. Besides, like 30 seconds at most of this song has been loosely based?

    adamkerr6894 3 months ago
  • this is a good ass song

    backyardwreclers 4 months ago
  • i always heard coldplay “ripped off joe satriani” but i never heard this song. WHAT A JOKE! haha literally like 2% of this entiire song sounds similar to one line in viva la vida. you guys are idiots.

    jonnyjaxn 4 months ago
  • @jonnyjaxn I imagine that coldplay did not deliberately copy this song. I guess what probably happened is that one of their members heard this song before he wrote viva la vida, and without knowing, added this in from a vague memory he may not remember as being him listening to the song. Either that or Cold play wrote viva-la-vida to sound a bit like this song without knowing. Maybe both people came up with the same tune. Either that or coldplay ripped Joe satriani off BIg TIME.

    shadowfirecheese 3 months ago
  • @shadowfirecheese

    i believe ur assumption, the last one is correct!

    letsplaywiththunder 3 months ago
  • @shadowfirecheese ha yeah “coldplay ripped joe satriani off Big TIME” like i said the 2% of this song that sounds like one line of viva la vida…. yup they ripped off joe satriani “big time” haha..

    jonnyjaxn 3 months ago
  • @shadowfirecheese no, they didn’t came up with the same tune cause satch is a real artist and a musician and cold play are fucking ripp-off posers.

    jimmyleppard6 3 months ago
  • Did the person who upload this video stop to think that if this guy is gonna sue Coldplay for using a fairly similar sound, then uploading his actual song may not be such a good idea…

    xoxAlysxox 4 months ago
  • @xoxAlysxox *uploaded

    xoxAlysxox 4 months ago
  • o yeahhh!


    jeedl4 4 months ago
  • o yeahhh!

    jeedl4 4 months ago
  • Yep, coldplay rip off other peoples songs all the time,and reckon that admitting to it makes it ok…

    DEFINEMETALisBACK 4 months ago
  • @DEFINEMETALisBACK if they rip off artists all the time why do they sell more albums and receive more fame and recognition than these other bands they “rip off”, could it be that they dont and success is the one thing to make an artist whos in it for the wrong reasons more than jealous?

    crazyassblinddude 4 months ago
  • @crazyassblinddude lol they make more money because think about it the RIAA are a bunch of hypocrites. If coldplay can rip ppl’s music off subtley and rake in more money then their cases get dusted under the rug. As far as I am concerned if you’re not being original you should be FUCKING FLIPPING BURGERS. Coldplay should be sued for every fucking dime, I dunno y the ppl won’t come foward and call this shitty band out .

    kinsmobman 4 months ago
  • @kinsmobman so all of coldplays songs are ripped off of other bands? why dont you compile alist of songs from coldplay that you feel are rip offs of other songs, then give the names of the other songs or bands, this particular insatnce ive got to say i hear a slight similairity, you know, how alot of pop songs or hip hop songs sound alike maybe?- its one thing to disagree with abands songs or not like the band, but to, with no facts, say their criminaly fradulent? thats a bit much

    crazyassblinddude 4 months ago
  • did coldplay rip this guy? no, did he rip carlos santana featuring michelle branch with that opening line? maybe

    crazyassblinddude 4 months ago
  • coldplay shit on you joe, you fuckin waste

    LittleNICKYYYY 4 months ago
  • thousand times better than coldplay-s composition… love it

    ABIR0000 4 months ago
  • thousand times better than coldplay-s composition… love it

    ABIR0000 4 months ago
  • You know whats funny ?

    This is a ripoff of a Cat Stevens song

    ghostguy2k7 4 months ago
  • @ghostguy2k7 you knoow whats also funny? the list of songs that sounds like other songs is about 9 miles long………….i mean realy when are people gonna get it? lol this is like claiming U2 is a rip off the beatles? i mean realy? this whole debate is stupid

    crazyassblinddude 4 months ago
  • @crazyassblinddude Indeed but what I don’t get is that satriani sued coldplay over a song which sounded nothing like it :/

    ghostguy2k7 4 months ago
  • @ghostguy2k7 you wanna justify artists sueing artists? the hendrix estate sues lenny kravitz, beatles members sue u2 and cold play and all other soft rock bands, britney sues lady gaga and then gwen then christina jump in the litigation, nickelback sues creed then matchbox twenty jumps in, how about every techno artist sues every techno artist? oakenfold sues moby, post rock? mogwai sues god is an astronaut, suing for music? you mean satraini is a complete and utter original? please

    crazyassblinddude 4 months ago
  • @crazyassblinddude i think i should crawl back in my corner then

    ghostguy2k7 4 months ago
  • @ghostguy2k7 if you like satriani im not bagging on you pal, but just to keep jealous fucktards like joe here honest, unless your an utter and complete original, and every lyric note and song you write is COMPLETELY new and innovative, well, maybe these guys should just shut the fuck up and thank god their not flipping burgers or pushing papers in an office

    crazyassblinddude 4 months ago
  • @crazyassblinddude Lmao that was classic

    ghostguy2k7 4 months ago
  • Coldplay es bueno… pero joe satriani es el puto amo!!!



    ebermed 4 months ago
  • @ebermed cayate el hocico, hijo de puta. los dos pueden chupar mis huevos.

    peskasker 4 months ago
  • Fuck Coldplay

    FuzzyDice11 4 months ago
  • You know what’s funny?

    How much more heated the Coldplay vs. Satriani is on this video than the Viva la Vida video. On Coldplay’s vid, everyone’s just enjoying the music, and on this one, everyone is too busy arguing to do the same. The fact is that most people have only ever heard of Satriani THROUGH the Coldplay lawsuit, and that’s the main reason most of you are even reading this now.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think both Coldplay AND Satriani are phenomenal, I just think it’s interesting.

    Trinnex 4 months ago
  • lol this guy’s just jealous that coldplay are pretty much twenty times the artists this guy is

    crazyassblinddude 4 months ago
  • @crazyassblinddude dude ur retarded. if coldplay r 20 times tha artist that Joe is then y did they steal his music? rnt they good enough 2 b original? this all speaks 4 itself. coldplay culd only dream of playin like Joe nd bein tha artist he is. Satch ur tha man keep shreddin bro

    forgiven009 4 months ago
  • If it is/was indeed plagarism, they ruined a great tune.

    Satch is the man.

    NVRambo 4 months ago
  • @Hiimanub and Holoquin: The tune of the chorus from Viva La Vida sounds similar to part of this song… Just switch Satriani’s guitar for Coldplay’s piano and boom.

    I personally like both songs, sooo whatever.

    KALEIGHdoscope 4 months ago
  • how does this have any resemblance to viva la vida

    Holoquin02 4 months ago
  • @Holoquin02 i have no idea.. these people are very stupid and coldplay is the best!

    hiimanub 4 months ago
  • I love Satriani, but I find no relation with that coldplay song. So does Joe just dislike them or something?

    saumier1 5 months ago
  • 140 GAY coldplay fans disliked this

    toppoxpocky 5 months ago
  • @metalheadshredder1 They don’t. It’s 140 people getting ticked off at coldplay and accidentally punching the dislike button.

    Darkender100 5 months ago

    MegaVideowatcher1 5 months ago
  • i never knew coldplay had 140 fans

    metalheadshredder1 5 months ago 37
  • @metalheadshredder1 149

    jayson201 2 months ago
  • @metalheadshredder1 hey,stop that! im a coldplay and joe satriani fan! and i agree that coldplay copy joe satriani…

    eusoulegal6 1 month ago
  • @metalheadshredder1 now 154

    yngwiefuck 1 month ago
  • so the original is guitar. I’m sorry but yeah coldplay did “borrow” this it seems. I like his ability I’ll have to find more of this Satriani. He’s phenomanal.

    179107199999 5 months ago
  • full of passion…nice melody

    rizat666 5 months ago
  • I doubt Coldplay even listen to this guy. Mere coincedence. At the end of the day Viva La Vida is 100% Coldplay’s and when they paid off Satriani to fuck off it was penny’s by their standards! LOL!

    Rascasseman 5 months ago
  • @Rascasseman Shut up fanboy. It’s very unlikely that this is just a coincidence. Go suck on Chris Martin’s nipples and keep your bullshit to yourself.

    R0undAboutMidnight 5 months ago
  • @R0undAboutMidnight touched a nerve?!

    Rascasseman 5 months ago
  • @Rascasseman No, but it’s obvious that the facts have really shaken you up my friend. Coldplay = thieves. Fact.

    R0undAboutMidnight 5 months ago
  • @R0undAboutMidnight last time I saw Coldplay were still the official writers of Viva La Vida. Sounds like you’re getting your facts from that distorted mind of yours. In fact I’m cool about your state.

    You know what – I think I might go off and listen to Viva La Vida now. This video seems a bit….cheap.

    Rascasseman 5 months ago
  • lost a lot of respect for coldplay.

    mclaren450 5 months ago
  • @mclaren450 i lost all of my respect for coldplay

    TheAlexkru 5 months ago
  • @TheAlexkru

    i dont know. i was a big coldplay fan before i heard about this. with their songs stuck to my head. i dont think i can permanently stop listening to them.

    mclaren450 5 months ago
  • Comment removed
    SamStats722 5 months ago
  • aweesomee xD Joe Satriani Rulzz!!

    EmilioDx 6 months ago
  • This just in…

    Cold Play just changed their name to


    desert567 6 months ago 3
  • Si las tonadas son similares. Este guitarrista toca muy bien.

    Pero tambien Cold Play. me gusta la cancion Viva la Vida.Puede que lo hayan plagiado con o sin conocimiento. Les doy el beneficio de la duda porque a pesar de que el ser humano es muy creativo las ideas nunca son tan individuales como el mundo piensa. Ya que si yo tengo una idea minimo 10 personas mas regadas alrededor de el mundo tendran un similar. la cuestion esta en quien la desarrolla primero.

    DiLadyKatherine 6 months ago 4
  • By far my fave Satriani tune! I guess I really like it because I don’t like flying!

    tjbarry46 6 months ago
  • Hey I am both a Cold Play and Satriani, and while I believe that while Cold Play should have giving Satriani some credit, I do not think that it is right for Satriani to have sued them because, Musicians having been taking from other musicians for over 300 years now and no one has every complained. Look at Lizst piano rendition of Beethoven 5th or more recently look at the beat that is found in David Bowie’s and Queens Under Pressure that Vanilla Ice and other artist have stolen.

    masterorionful 6 months ago
  • @masterorionful Beethoven’s 5th is 300 years old and Vanilla Ice paid to use it you idiot.

    nookify123 6 months ago
  • Talk less…Listen more…

    taufik4173 6 months ago
  • The truth is… Coldplay mixed this and Alizee´s “Je´n ai marre”

    edgamu 6 months ago
  • If you think Coldplay did not copy him, listen to 0:50-1:16. But I still think they didn’t. Joe Satriani is underground in the US, he’s awesome, but his albums sell like no copies almost. There’s not a chance that an adult contemporary alternative rock band would copy from an underground instrumental solo musician.

    minamu8 6 months ago
  • @minamu8

    Wow! For being “underground” it’s funny how he sells out every show he plays. And if you’re so convinced that Coldplay didn’t steal Satch’s song, then why did they settle the lawsuit? You don’t settle lawsuitsd and pay millions if you didn’t copy someone elses work. That alone tells me they stole it from him.

    coopm12 6 months ago 2
  • Up on the Downside Ocean Colour Scene INTRO???

    tattaLaPiratta 7 months ago
  • Someone stole my intellectual profit and made a mint, I’d be POed!

    Can I get this on ITunes? I waould rather give my money to the artist.

    repeatedattempt 7 months ago
  • God Help Me, I Love This Tune!

    letsplaywiththunder 7 months ago 19
  • Quit hating on Coldplay FFS.

    I don’t give a shit if they copied Satriani, I just care that both songs are great.

    Lighten up and quit being such uptight fanboys. There can be a gray area.

    Quintesson1996 7 months ago
  • @Quintesson1996

    Thank you for actually making a smart comment..

    TheRainbowFuzz 7 months ago
  • who cares that coldplay ‘copied’ joe. i love joe and hate coldplay but really does it matter? its not as if its the exact same song and coldplay have took the credit. music is music. copyright issues really have to loosen up abit. its ridiculous all these laws like not bein able to put certain songs on youtube and stuff . jeez just appreciate the music

    TheMattPegg 7 months ago
  • This song is EXACTLY how i feel every day. regardless of whether I get depressed or not. It’s just really summed it all up.

    samuraichickdude 7 months ago
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    tionikollas 7 months ago
  • Comment removed
    tionikollas 7 months ago
  • Virtuoso…no one…simply no one is better….

    Trixter72 7 months ago
  • Every shred guitarist of the last 30 years stole stuff from Uli Jon Roth, (esp. Malmsteen) but he never complains, just creates.

    But that shitty band I never listen to probably did steal it cause it’s only a few years apart.

    1dillontaylor 7 months ago
  • i love joe satriani but this is stupid

    you know how many songs i know with the same 4 chords and the same free picking style around the same rythem? this is rock!! most of the main streem rock is the same beat the same 4 by 4 rythem and lot of the same guitar picking but the melodies are different

    orenbroder 7 months ago
  • only beautifull music not like the shet of coldplay

    cocaqueso 7 months ago
  • Fuck all you hoes. Come talk shit to me I’m at 241st street white plains road Bronx NY 10470. I work at the pizza shop on the corner ask for mike. Otherwise suck my dick.

    livehideki015 7 months ago
  • awh no way, at peppino’s?

    SamStats722 7 months ago
  • @livehideki015 Wow, really? I’m gonna come to that address just to laugh at you for actually putting up your address for the world to see. Although, statistically speaking, most of what people say on the internet is a lie anyway so it probably isn’t your real address (and for that matter I won’t bother wasting my time in the Bronx).

    zeefaketest 7 months ago
  • did you know all the money joe got from coldplay when he won the suit he donated away? a class act forever go joe I hope another idiot steals your song and u sue them too! rock on Joe

    lookslikeyouhadenuff 7 months ago
  • listen to john sykes & phil lynott -please dont leave me and

    scratch your head !!????

    frododarg 7 months ago
  • @frododarg also the danish rock group pretty maids version of the same

    its all floating out there !!!

    frododarg 7 months ago
  • I just don’t hear the similarity. Some ppl will do anything for a little recognition.

    livehideki015 7 months ago
  • @livehideki015 its not a similarity, its note for note plagiarism, and if you cant hear that then your tone deaf, and thats why coldplay settled out of court. And as for recognition, joe satriani toured with mick jagger, deep purple, his combined album sales from all his works have sold more than coldplays, and he is known as one of the best guitarists in the world, so before you make stupid comments, maybe do a bit of research into musical theory, and into a legend who coldplay can only aspire

    davidglebe 7 months ago 2
  • @livehideki015


    outlawman3000 7 months ago
  • Somebody once told me-quote, COLDPLAY??? over-rated… – Back then I didn’t quite understand what he ment by that, but now i know, by the way,,,,,VIVA LA VIDDDAAAA!!!! JEJEJE…


    CCorsario77 7 months ago
  • Well well well , absolutely cool track !!! Impressive and soo sooo guitar 😀 🙂 🙂 of course

    shtoksy 7 months ago
  • just jizzed in my pants….

    Maharet108 7 months ago
  • Doesn’t matter who’s more talented than who. Viva la Vida and this are BOTH great songs. End of story.

    GuitarRockn 7 months ago
  • @GuitarRockn I think most of us would be okay if “If I could Fly” had been covered, rather than “Coldplayed” (ripped off). If you’re gonna play somebody’s song, just man up and say so.

    ankjack 7 months ago
  • sorry i really cant hear it…..actually i think that he’s ripping off santana as their guitars sound the same….ummm-ahhhhh! lol.

    donthaveoneable 8 months ago
  • @donthaveoneable listen to the bit where chris martin goes whoo oh oh oh ohhhh, oh, and then to this

    davidglebe 7 months ago
  • @donthaveoneable I think every guitarist since Santana has studied Santana, but there’s a big-ass difference between elements of style and using the exact same fucking melody. Sorry to break the news, but if you can’t hear the same melody, you sure as hell don’t have a good enough ear to know Santana from Satriani.

    ankjack 7 months ago
  • I’m no music theorist, but that doesn’t sound a lot like Coldplay… OH wait yes it does.

    Sorry, yeah. It just took me a while to get it… but when it hits you it hits you like a bag full of bricks.

    Damn, I wish I wasn’t such a fan of Coldplay. Now I feel really sad.

    SpartanJose777 8 months ago
  • damn satrianis got some skills

    JakeTommoTW 8 months ago
  • eh, who really gives a cucky if coldpay was inspired by satch, besides this chord progression sounds like cat steven’s “love/heaven” from foreigner

    SamStats722 8 months ago
  • Listen to “Pachebels rant” and then talk about “ripping off”

    Konform2zoidberg 8 months ago
  • Two like songs with two big meanings.

    Castifae 8 months ago
  • I put both songs to analyze it does have its similarities. I do love Coldplay music. 🙂 But I agree Joe Satriani is more talented than coldplay.

    AngelMusica4ever 8 months ago
  • I don’t think Coldplay intentionally copied him, stuff like this just happens. Also, you can’t own the right to musical notes anyway, so it’s not like Joe has any real grounds for the lawsuit.

    reallifeshoeshine 8 months ago
  • @reallifeshoeshine He has sued. Obviously, he had grounds, and obviously Coldplay wanted it swept under the rug, which is why they settled out of court. What I think is funny as hell is that the Grammys are a bigger joke now than they were after Milli Vanilli.

    ankjack 7 months ago
  • seriously, this is one of most incredible songs i’ve heard in a while

    millymuffin456 8 months ago 2
  • how on earth can they make a 3-chord song sound so moving? Satch you are the man.

    BigAlHeeley 8 months ago
  • dude they only sound a bit fucking similar they even changed the art they copied and its not lik there saying it was all there idea caz then they would be lieing but most of it is diffrent so get the fuck over it

    abbbeyi 8 months ago

    ReporterConGafas 8 months ago
  • so they sound the same, big F***. Still 2 great songs. they just use the same melody line and rythym. no big deal jesus christ, DEAL WITH IT

    TheMikey3000 8 months ago
  • i jsu have to comment this on this video : Coldplay are the best band in the world! 🙂

    johannaGreiff 8 months ago
  • WOW…dude…fuck coldplay they definitely stole that shit

    paintyoursky 8 months ago
  • Satriani actually is a wonderful guitarist and has an amazing artistic melodies. He’s the king of tune and is known by many fellow as the mentor. He’s too old to care about advertising, he started back into the 80s…

    Not many bands would be still alive in a couple of years, though satch would definitly be on the list of those that remain in history.

    ReViv4L 8 months ago
  • I dont think they really stole the song , you know if they get inspired by this song I think it’s great . The music of today start to be boring because of law suit , lets just play music together and get inspired by anyone . I think viva la vida is a great song and I always be a big fan of Joe .

    fleuryy7 8 months ago 3
  • @fleuryy7 You can get insired by any song. But if you’re going to earn money from that you’ve to pay for the original ones. Not so hard is it? Don’t try to change rules just obey them is the easier way. (Not an offensive post, I admit it could be easier to produce much better songs that way. But hey, Give the original a lil credits then eh?)

    RSFirat 8 months ago
  • Those fucking rip off artists. I hate Coldplay with a passion. They don’t deserve the popularity they have. And yeah, I like some pop, I think Taylor Swift, Orianthi, U2, and that ilk are quite talented. Coldplay simply are rip-off artists who don’t deserve any grammys they one last year.

    MegashadX 8 months ago
  • Excellent Work Joe! Like the late 70’s groove riff.

    orangeind 8 months ago
  • I’m a huge Satch fan…..but i don’t think coldplay ripped this off

    Aussiephil99 8 months ago
  • @Aussiephil99 It’s difficult to say. It’s extremely similar, can’t deny that.

    JMokan 8 months ago
  • @JMokan similar in tune but only one part.

    melovetorun 8 months ago
  • @melovetorun Well yeah, if all six and a half minutes sounded similar, this dispute would hardly even be a dispute. =D

    JMokan 8 months ago
  • @melovetorun only one part??duude thats like the main part!! :O..but its unlikely that coldplay stole it coz they wouldn have made it this obvious

    jordankuprij 8 months ago
  • very good

    ThePj5000 8 months ago
  • Such an amazing song from Satch! Coldplagiarism probably like it too so they got the ¨inspiration¨ from this song…

    AngieExtremist 9 months ago 2
  • ColdPlay copied Joe Satriani, but Satriani copied Los Enanitos Verdes’ song, Francis Limon. Seriously, look up the comparison.

    Looks like Satriani AND ColdPlay should be sued…

    LKDynamite7 9 months ago
  • @LKDynamite7

    Satriani didn’t copy Francis Limon. I know the comparison and there are similarities but the fundamentals and music theory is all wrong. Go learn more about music.

    EvilBadger78 8 months ago
  • @LKDynamite7 too bad you are neither a musician or someone with intellectual thought, or else you would clearly know what you typed is a lie. but then again to you i bet the world is still flat huh? fool yourself all you want, joe won the court case and that you will never be able to explain without admitting coldplay is guilty or what they just gave him money for nothing? now that doesnt make sense does it?

    lookslikeyouhadenuff 8 months ago
  • Coldplay apologists are just as bad as Britney Spears fans who defend her lip syncing. Is it a wonder so much corporate trash is considered “music” these days?

    bl91978 9 months ago
  • nice art on the video dude

    ash2it 9 months ago
  • this is just Pet Shop Boys “Did you see me coming” without the words.

    Wonder how mucy Joe got for that????

    smudgersmith1968 9 months ago
  • I find is kind of ironic that the Featured Video is Viva La Vida.

    iaiceikiingi47i 9 months ago
  • the part starting at 0:50 is the ONLY part that sounds like viva la vida. So what if they were influenced by his song. They took a lame ass 6 minute guitar solo and turned a little part of it into an amazing song.

    kevjones93 9 months ago
  • If i could fly.. I drop my ex in a volcano… and ditch before she blows!!

    ImDaChampMang 9 months ago
  • Satriani copied enanitos verdes ( it’s not a joke!!!!)

    8KARMAIKEL8 9 months ago
  • Your a dumb ass for saying Coldplay copied this song from this Satrini faggot guy. Listen to the song “Frances Limon” by Enanitos Verdes sukka! came out 2002.

    iwantsomebrutes 9 months ago
  • @iwantsomebrutes idiot. it takes a dumbass not to notice the similarities.

    Lizi1243 9 months ago
  • @Lizi1243 You are absolutely rite Joe gaybag stole the song from Enanitos Verdes. It does take a dumbass not to see that.. mas put

    iwantsomebrutes 9 months ago
  • @iwantsomebrutes WHAT A JACKASS! how can you even compare some English fags like Coldplay to a freaking GOD like Satriani, go smoke some more crack you fucking idiot

    unit3451 9 months ago
  • I can kinda hear the simularities. I mean coldplay just replaced the drums with violins and replaced the guitar with Vocals. The chorus hits the same notes on both Satriani’s If I Could Fly and Coldplay’s Viva. Oh, and to whoever said that Satriani sued Coldplay because he was fustraited because Viva La Vida made more than this, i highly doubt thats the case. Its more along the lines of working hard on something and others changing parts of it all calling it there own and taking credit

    SireSala7 9 months ago 2
  • @SireSala7 you are right. They interviewed him, and he said specifically that he wasnt upset at the monetary impact, but at the fact that he worked hard on this piece and it was changed.

    DrumBum561 9 months ago
  • @SireSala7 Don’t try to sound smart, asshole. The songs are REALLY different.

    TheUltraDude 9 months ago
  • @TheUltraDude thats your opinion =)

    SireSala7 9 months ago
  • bullshit this sounds nothing like coldplay…well i mean coldplay sounds nothing like satriani !!! the guy is only frustrated not to earn enough money and selling not enough albums… old cranky guy…. however i like him too ! But coldplay rules everything !

    giams33 9 months ago
  • @giams33 They stole the melody for the time signature and changed it up a bit and called it their own work. Joe is a humble musician and one of the most creative out there and he had to take a stand when he knew that somebody was stealing from him. I don’t dislike Cold Play altogether but you don’t steal the music of a man who makes his living making incredible melodies and then interject it into pop culture without getting some retribution. BTW… Coldpay has nowhere near the creativity of Joe

    fishguru73 9 months ago 2
  • masterpiece

    matiasangel25 9 months ago
  • Comme c est bon Satriani !!!

    n est ce pas ?

    kam4mars 9 months ago
  • Wow. Stolen…. That took a lot of guts to steal from something already popular enough. Wow. How has the lawsuit turned out? Anyone know?

    BWolcott 9 months ago
  • @BWolcott cold play sadly settled satriani out of court

    drummerboy101010 9 months ago
  • theres alot of melody s that sound similar but thats is not a reason to freak out besides both are good coldplay and satriani have a lot of talent.

    they dont need to copy others musicians songs to success only bands that have no talent like jonas brothers but this is about coldplay and satriani come on people relax 🙂

    tankeportnoy 9 months ago
  • Satriani you totally rock. Fuck those coldplay fags, they have no talent, but you do.

    NooblarPaladin 9 months ago 3
  • it flows…

    CrankItEveryDay 9 months ago
  • YES I knew it!!!I was ashamed for liking a Coldplay song!!!!but now all make sense hahah

    AaViRo 9 months ago 7
  • @AaViRo ehm coldplay copy that….look at the date

    valeriobert 6 months ago
  • @valeriobert

    they did copy it

    carlos17slb 6 months ago
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    tartan11 9 months ago
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    sk8arizona 9 months ago
  • They are similar in som parts of the song but still it’s not the same.

    P4trik95 9 months ago
  • Satriani got the royaltys from this song and case closed…..

    vidtech001 9 months ago
  • ok I´ve listened to that specific part over and over again and I can say that YES, they are similiar in structure and melody but they don´t sound EXACTLY the same….kinda close though. I like coldplay and I respect joe for being this good btw.

    BADRANG8700 9 months ago
  • Can no one just appreciate the beauty of music and not get into musicians business? Its not, hard, get a life. Its an amazing song, Joe Satriani is an amazing guitarist. If you dont like him, then why are you here? I’m not a fan of coldplay but i dont go around talking shit. Simplicity is minding your own damn business and not taking everything so seriously.

    TaintedTease 9 months ago 65
  • @TaintedTease someone with sense! thank you for pointing out what noone else seems capable of man!

    unit3451 8 months ago
  • @TaintedTease sorry mate but fans of satch are expected to be angry when coldplay rips off his songs..

    i completely agree satch is amazing but still we are aloud to talk “shit” as you say about coldplay.

    ReporterConGafas 8 months ago 4
  • @ReporterConGafas I was talking about the people who comment on a Satriani video dissing Satriani, if you actually read what i said then you’d notice that I actually don’t like coldplay, but I don’t go around posting stupid comments on coldplay’s videos about how much they suck or how much I hate them. The people who comment on a Satriani song dissing him are just trying to get a responce from the fans, but its a waste of time and energy. That’s the point I was attempting to get across.

    TaintedTease 4 months ago
  • @TaintedTease:

    I couldn’t agree with your comment more.

    minamu8 6 months ago
  • It was an accident. Coldplay win cause they make a gajilion dollars off it.

    gooch27 9 months ago
  • It’s “Hear” not “Here” you fucking retard

    BrendanIsGay 10 months ago
  • 1. The fact that Satriani did not win a court case against Coldplay does not mean that there was anything wrong with his claims. They settled out of court-how these things usually end. This is not ‘Satriani’s case failing in court’.

    2. I direct people to ‘Did Coldplay copy Joe Satriani? Let’s Do the Music Theory’ parts 1 and 2. If you haven’t at least watched these, then you aren’t informed enough to do anything more than venture your opinion here.

    wearyarbitrator 10 months ago
  • 3. Was it ‘worth suing over’? This comes down to notions of justice and fairness. Satriani wrote this track for his wife; surely he’s justified in wanting to do something about something so personal being stolen? I guess he figured that the publicity wouldn’t hurt either…

    wearyarbitrator 10 months ago
  • Needs more cowbell

    EstevanMusic 10 months ago 12
  • i really like this song, and i see how it is similar to viva la vida, but i think there was no point to suing coldplay. @DaNorthernLight I agree with you

    jaygfs 10 months ago
  • yea that one part of his song sounds exactly like ColdPlays but in the end he got a ton of publicity from it, so he wins anyway

    FartsOutDust1901 10 months ago 5
  • The key is completly different. I dont see what hes arguing

    angelica29 10 months ago
  • @angelica29 Its called interval structure.

    EstevanMusic 10 months ago
  • @angelica29 lol so if I take a song thats in say C and change it to D does that mean it’s not plagiarism? Personally I don’t really know whether viva la vida was a rip off of this but that comment made no sense…

    binge08 9 months ago
  • @binge08 Just another ignorant opinion… move along nothing to see here.

    EstevanMusic 9 months ago
  • The Satch will always be superior in my book, BUT the similarity is somewhat forgiveable since it is merely one nibble of his guitar genius, and a melodic hook that has tonal and sub-tonal shapes in plenty of music out there. I don’t think it was worth suing over… making it public… yeah. But I don’t think he needs the money (or Coldplay, for that matter).

    DaNorthernLight 10 months ago
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    MitchelMcCormick 10 months ago
  • dios, hacen toda una demanda por notas, hoy en dias puedes demandar por todo uuuuuuuhhhhhhh

    RIKUTOCHAN 10 months ago
  • Esas notas puta que cuesta ponerlas juntas y hacer un tema, buscar la escala y crear las piezas para seguir y unir las improvisaciones para crear un tema, es un trabajo al fin y al cabo, para que llegue otro grupo y te lo quite y se haga el estribillo de su cancioncita

    XRasenX 10 months ago
  • Im learning this song by ear this weekend

    redhotminipepper 10 months ago
  • joe satriani just impregnated my wife

    SamStats722 10 months ago 37
  • @SamStats722 yeah!!!!

    trufuknplaya101 10 months ago
  • @SamStats722 Lucky you man, he will be a god.

    MonkeyPowers 9 months ago 2
  • You guys ever heard of post-modernism, a form of art? It’s stealing, copying, certain pieces of art and using them in a new composition. So they stole 4 notes and the chord progression in 2 measures. The chorus of the song was entirely by coldplay.

    On the other hand, I just think that the writer heard it somewhere, it stuck in his head and he wrote a song in which it came back.

    FlyingDutchman02 10 months ago
  • lol it does sound like it pretty cool, but i doubt cold play heard it, not many people listen to satriani anymore, dam good guitarist but

    ReggieBegins 10 months ago
  • @ReggieBegins really are you on drugs?

    frantnik 10 months ago
  • I think Viva la Vida’s a good song although I generally dislike Coldplay’s music. However, I just think it was coincidence that it sounds like this. Apparently Cat Stevens or someone like that had a song with the same melody years before this one and there have been several other artists using similar melodies.

    gizmo3k 10 months ago
  • I´m a Satch fan, but he was so fool to said Coldplay copied that 4 notes…

    000021864 10 months ago
  • did satriani do viva la vida the way coldplay did? so get a life

    bzangari 10 months ago
  • never liked coldplay until I heard la vida viva. and now I hear this… certainly there is shame! although I still like the lyrics to la vida

    Stainlesssteez1 10 months ago
  • Wow, American music laws are so strict…You see this type of similarities in a lot of Asian music, and people rarely sue on that. (Though in some cases I really think they should.)

    SableCC 10 months ago
  • enjoy the music! are you lawyers?

    or just wasting your time! jesus!

    celularsolido 10 months ago
  • “Here that?” No, but it appears you are illiterate.

    VGEric 10 months ago
  • @VGEric Why you wasting your time hating man? Negativity just breeds negativity.. venture into that positive realm =)

    Adeptmind 10 months ago
  • @Adeptmind haha. roll up another one why don’t ya lol jk

    riley8839 10 months ago
  • Good song though…

    Scope000 10 months ago
  • I see about 60 seconds of similitary which coincides with 10 seconds of viva la vida… what about the other 4 minutes?? I agree that parts of it sound similar but isn’t that inevitable? There have been a countless (and i mean COUNTLESS) amount of songs produced over the past few millennia. It’s bound to happen. Get over it.

    Scope000 10 months ago
  • @Scope000 I agree with you to an extent.. and this is why chord progressions can’t be copyrighted. However.. the odds of vocals being sung in the exact same rhythm, note length, and notes written here in this song over the same chord progression.. is extremely unlikely.. and they settled it for a reason (someone was probably listening to satriani alot before they wrote the song and it sunk in.. doesn’t mean he didn’t copy him though ya know)

    Adeptmind 10 months ago
  • I like both bands, and I like both songs. Sure they sound alike in a way, but they are still different songs, and many songs are like that.

    ash36230 10 months ago
  • same here!

    guitarpro117 10 months ago
  • at 0:49 starts viva la vida 😀

    mod411 10 months ago
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    XFredzorzX 10 months ago
  • other way around

    stimpackedangelking 10 months ago
  • @XFredzorzX I feel sorry for you.

    Maximus424424 10 months ago 2
  • @XFredzorzX

    This AND viva la vida is crap compared to Bach. period.

    DeHeld8 10 months ago 2
  • and bach is shit compared to beethoven XD

    fercholink 10 months ago
  • @fercholink

    Beethoven kneeled before Bach. Hoping that some of Bach’s greatness would shine down upon him.

    DeHeld8 10 months ago
  • I’m not a fan of either party, and to be honest, I hear only a tiny similarity. I’d probably hear it better if Joe wasn’t constantly soloing, but since it’s instrumental rock, what else could I expect =/ Off to find a REAPER file of this song so I can better analyze it. As it sits, I don’t think that this isn’t grounds enough to sue over.

    MacroFuzzXD 10 months ago
  • btw talking about coldplays remake

    kingkidkong7 11 months ago
  • come on peaple just cuz they did a remake of this song dosent make them bad a lot of songs now are remakes to point on out simpleman by shinedown is a remake of lynyrd skynyrd song simple man its nbd

    kingkidkong7 11 months ago
  • grammy’s are worth nothing these days fuckos! coldplay could have them cuz look at the rest of the music he is up against. the category should be called ‘which of this shit is better’

    aceishigh666777 11 months ago 2
  • Meh, I only BARELY see a relationship between Viva la Vida and this.

    carbonGEISHA 11 months ago
  • thats because your a coldplay fan and coldplay fans refuse to see the similarty between the too, but the whole thing is over and done with, they settled it like 5 months ago

    sammyjsolocareer 10 months ago 2
  • Good for you

    carbonGEISHA 10 months ago
  • Crack kills… and your on it if you dont think these songs sound exactly alike…..

    semitar6 10 months ago
  • Obviously you’ve been on it if you didn’t read that I said, in my first comment, they sounded vaguely alike.

    carbonGEISHA 10 months ago
  • Coldplay sucks so bad, i would like to slap the deuchebag who discovered them. probably the same deaf asshole who found oasis. lets be honest, there is no room for this, maybe in the fag population. chris martin is so untalented he even married gwyneth, another stale wannabee talent. please, someone kick martin in the throat very hard and end the reign of shitty pop culture music and if you can end the careers of the gallaghers.

    aceishigh666777 11 months ago 2
  • @rascassman

    I agree that though they sound slighly similar, there not copied.

    BUT me thinks that Satch is way beter musician than Chris Martin…and thats not only me, but most music publications and websites….

    jimmyclapton 11 months ago
  • @jimmyclapton and uhh anyone that knows SHIT about music? Joe satriani is a virtuoso and a fucking god. Chris Martin is the smelliest part of my ass compared to even myself.

    COBalexiCOB 11 months ago
  • @COBalexiCOB fuck you, of course joe is very good. but chris martin is nothing????? if chris is something on your as, what are u than. im a fan of both and agree the song is stolen. but chris martin has reached more in his life than you ever will.

    nielsvanderkamp 11 months ago
  • This comment has received too many negative votesshow
    Rascasseman 11 months ago
  • you suck. period

    Froly3k 11 months ago
  • A – Chris Martin compared to satch is like Mozart compared to the jonas brothers.

    B – the case was dismissed because Satriani drawed the case BECAUSE they settled out of court.

    C – Foreigners suite is a 15 minute song that has an 8 bar chord progression that sounds a bit similar for 10 seconds and that’s it, can’t even compare.

    D – Satriani sued for the chorus and not his whole song and you don’t know shit about what they have time to do, open youtube and search is not hard.

    xxRockst4r 11 months ago
  • Oh so now you’re backtracking and saying he was only suing the chorus? Joe Satriani can’t write music. He can only play the guitar. Chris Martin CAN write music plus he can play piano.

    Rascasseman 11 months ago
  • No I’m not, it’s been said since the beginning of this suite. Search for the case in newspapers or whatever and see what they type. He sued for the chorus. Chrst martin can write music and play the piano and satch can’t ? haha that’s the funiest thing ever. Satch can play Piano, Guitar, Bass, some drums and he writes awesome music. He even sings. so you fail.

    xxRockst4r 11 months ago
  • Mozart (played piano) compared to Satch. Don’t make me laugh. At best he’s a Shakin Stevens tribute act the bald Grammyless fucker.

    Rascasseman 11 months ago
  • Satch plays piano as well, lol

    xxRockst4r 11 months ago
  • So does Chris Martin.

    Rascasseman 11 months ago 2
  • yeah you just said that, lol. It’s not even what they play it’s the musical skill. Which satch has 100% on and chris martin not even half of satch

    xxRockst4r 11 months ago
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    Rascasseman 11 months ago
  • no he’s not, what songs are awfull?

    xxRockst4r 11 months ago
  • @Rascasseman you have obviously never heard surfing with the alien, one of the most astonishing pieces of music in the history of the world ever (EVER)

    tourdeforce17 11 months ago
  • And thats why your hear..twenty times a day leaving commets…because you hate Satch….??? Awful music maker…how many cd’s have you put out honey??? Its easy to complain when your sitting behind a computer screen.

    semitar6 10 months ago
  • @Rascasseman Grammyless? You realize all Grammy nominations are submitted by record companies, right? They’re just publicity stunts to “legitimize” artists’ supposed integrity and sell more records. They have no real credibility.

    The Mozart comparison is stupid, but using someone’s Grammy wins to decide if they are a legitimate artist is playing into the record companies’ bogus commercial machine.

    AchillesStandsOn 11 months ago 2
  • @AchillesStandsOn woah I wasn’t the one who said Satriani was Mozart compared to Chris Martin!

    Rascasseman 11 months ago
  • @Rascasseman hahahahaha good one bitch

    20hater 11 months ago
  • We’re playing Viva la Vida in jazz band, and I showed everyone that Coldplay didn’t write it, including our instructor, and they were shocked, but at the same time impressed with his music, and most of them like it better.

    I get a solo too, so I’m thinking I’ll just pick this songs solo?

    24LeadGuitarist24 11 months ago
  • @24LeadGuitarist24 you must be the class tosser that everyone hates then.

    Rascasseman 11 months ago
  • I’m so fucking tired of every comment in my inbox being negative. Cause clearly what I said is awful. Fuck

    24LeadGuitarist24 11 months ago
  • Here’s the thing about music.. you cant “own” a set of chord changes.. Thousands of songs are based off of the same set of chords, or general harmonic structure. ColdPlay may ave very well been inspired by this great track by Satriani.. It’s a great tune…but stolen? Not a chance. Coldplay’s song is amazing too. If anything, I know have 2 songs I like that sound similar at one point…

    barisax7411 11 months ago
  • @barisax7411 I agree with you about the chords, but the problem is it’s not just the chords. Viva la Vida is practically based entirely on the If I Could Fly chorus.

    hOZish 11 months ago
  • @barisax7411 I agree that you can’t “own” a set of chord changes, but when each chord gets the same number of beats and the tempos are similar, then it begins to seem suspicious

    R0bertoRoboto 11 months ago
  • I can’t get over how immensely optimistic this track is. It’s really faultless in terms of mood.

    Manonymouse 11 months ago
  • SUPERB!!!

    virtualdiabolik 11 months ago
  • @trancemajestic the album this song is on came out in 2004 and viva la vida by cold play came out about a year and a half ago so who copied who?

    AndyrpSmith 11 months ago
  • coldplay is a shit!!! Joe Satriani rocks!!! the best!

    HectorPagano 11 months ago 4
  • The Power Of Satch Compels You!

    Spartiakid 11 months ago
  • JS is a good musician and yeah coldplay did bad for copying the rhytm but man all the artist have done something like that… coldplay is still one of my fav bands so fuck and get lost those who talk shit about them

    himataro18 11 months ago
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    trancemajestic 11 months ago
  • @trancemajestic ah its a-funny because faggs cold play steal this song from our lord Satriani

    Spartiakid 11 months ago
  • @Spartiakid My “Lord” is none other than God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    trancemajestic 11 months ago
  • @trancemajestic ya i was just jokin…sorry for any disrespect

    Spartiakid 11 months ago
  • You are stupid aren’t you? 1st of all he wrote it with “l” and not “L” which used to be a status in medieval times. 2nd who cares about Jesus?

    dawzo 11 months ago
  • @dawzo I do. Fag.

    trancemajestic 11 months ago
  • Come on now. I liked JS too when he was doing something original, but…. this is nothing like the Coldplay song. It’s just a chord progression and they are NOT the same chords anyway!!!

    jeremystanford 11 months ago
  • Joe Satriani is one of the best

    PLEASE go to my favs and click on SUBURBAN GUY ROCKIN OUT

    he doesnt read music, really feels what he plays and improvises his songs as he goes along. the other 2 favs are him also ARIEL (awesome shredding) and ARIEL SIMANTOV (awesome sweeping) pls view comment and rate them as we think he deserves recognition .thanks everyone!

    suburbangal 11 months ago
  • hammerhead ur so gay.SATRIANI IS THE MAN.

    fostex101 11 months ago
  • This comment has received too many negative votesshow
    ermacmk16 11 months ago
  • Coldplay is a piece of shit compared to Satriani!!!!!!!!!!

    Filip4295 11 months ago 3
  • Other way around. Satriani is 100000000000 times better than Coldplay. This is amazing, Viva la Vida is like come on already when will that crap end but this is ownage

    Kisho7878 11 months ago 3
  • @Kisho7878 dude me and u have alot in common I LOVE JOe =))

    JPOGTrex 11 months ago
  • Yeah man he rules. As you can see in my videos I am no where at all near him but hopefully one day I will be. I need a new video though the last one was like 6 months ago.

    Kisho7878 11 months ago
  • @ermacmk16 100 times better? maybe in your dreams

    DEVSFAN1175 11 months ago
  • This comment has received too many negative votesshow
    jijtuub 11 months ago
  • Joe Satrani is a much superior musician than Coldplay. Personally, i have little to no respect for mainstream bands like Coldplay.

    Joe Sariani’s version of this song is on a whole different level of greatness than Coldplay’s.

    tiagoflor1 11 months ago 3

    fostex101 11 months ago 6
  • satriani did win in court fags

    fostex101 11 months ago 7
  • Last time I checked, dropping the case and winning in court aren’t the same thing, fag.

    hammerhead300 11 months ago
  • you can’t copyright a chord progression. I wish satch would’nt have pressed charges, it made him look like a prick which he is’nt. just an opinion.

    XxSnuggleBearxX 11 months ago
  • @XxSnuggleBearxX I think that actually you can.

    Eight measures if i’m correct.

    I mean that you can actually use a chord progression as long as it doesn’t exceed the 8 measures.

    rtmf 11 months ago
  • @XxSnuggleBearxX it’s not just the chord progression. It’s the melody in the chorus as well.

    bettsdn 11 months ago
  • It’s not just a chord progression. It’s the whole refrain that was copied from Joe Satriani.

    tiagoflor1 11 months ago 6
  • @dugforeva very true they are talented in the fact that they can perform covers so well 🙂 in my opinion this band sucks they need to get there own songs and quit ripping stuff off not just satriani’s music but all that they have been sued for…

    SatchFan4Life 11 months ago
  • heyy guys if u hear well,u’ll see its not the same chorus,is just like the chorus of viva la vida n’ I don’t care if coldplay copied joe or not.

    They still are my favorite band

    luanleme80 11 months ago
  • when i listen to this song and compare it to cold play’s viva la vida i really don’t think it sounds alike like honestly to ME it doesn’t sound anything alike. at all. Thats just my opinion so don’t get all offensive, 😛

    Pexadaly07 11 months ago
  • The only reason why Satriani filed the lawsuit was to gain publicity. He was probably sick of bands like Cold Play winning Grammys and frustrated at the fact that he is the second most nominated musician never to have won a grammy award (15 nominations!).

    Sucks huh, Joe?

    ForgetaboutFreeman 1 year ago
  • coldplay copied him how the hell can you people not hear that!

    SatchFan4Life 11 months ago
  • If that was the case, the courts would have found Coldplay guily. In fact, two other bands have filed lawsuits against coldplay and had their cases thrown out. Satriani just wants to get recognition for his services to music.

    ForgetaboutFreeman 11 months ago
  • ur totally right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17solstice 11 months ago
  • he sued because he heard his own song being passed as someone else’s. the whole coldplay song is just the chorus to this song repeated over and over again. go to 0:49 to confirm this. sorry kids, but joe satriani got probably hundreds of thousands of dollars from this – AKA he won in court.

    nickeldragon 10 months ago
  • Actually they settled “out of court”

    Putreffy 10 months ago
  • so?

    thandermax 11 months ago
  • when ever i turn on the radio i hear crap music with meaningless lyrics. this song says more than any lyrical piece ever could. it saddens me that more people dont like this type of music

    kooldog98 1 year ago 2
  • They’re both great songs. But I beleive that no matter how similar they seem, instruments only have so many tunes, so some of the songs in the universe are bound to be the same no matter what.And I’m sure that if you listened to and memorized every song in the world, you would recognize many *similarities* among them as well.

    In the end I am still more of a Joe Satriani fan. XD

    skullrocker134 1 year ago 5
  • Satriani made with this song a really optimistic and happy song. A dreamy song that takes you really into the sky and makes you think that you really are dreaming about flying.

    Then Coldplay arrives and they rip the song off. They even turned it into some depressed song about what they don’t have! Or they made a song about being a God. Anyway, what most people think about those depressed musicians can’t be changed.

    But I do and I will always believe that Satch is the best guitarist ever!

    Gnaaahh 1 year ago
  • i don`t really think they ripped it off. there is just a small part of it that actually sound`s similair. also viva la vida is not a depressing song at all. it has the same effect on me as if i could fly. so yeah. but oh well. i like them both. so it`s pretty pointless to get in to an arguement about this. 😛

    henkdeveroveraar 1 year ago
  • ok, reality check. Who had the number 1 hit, coldplay or joe satrini? Uh, hello, coldplay!!! Just coz they’re so much better than this ‘music’ don’t go hating!

    hazzathemazza 1 year ago
  • Coldplagiarism.

    paulojungmann 1 year ago
  • This comment has received too many negative votesshow
    xgoodix 1 year ago
  • fuck you

    SuperMetalman123 1 year ago
  • Thank you for the constructive comment =)

    xgoodix 1 year ago
  • Nobody’s “jealos” of Coldgay.

    platinumkoins 1 year ago
  • coldgay

    normalisforlosers 1 year ago 3
  • ha thats a good one

    SatchFan4Life 11 months ago
  • hot stop.

    I met Coldplay, drummer and bassist were incredibly aloof, Chris was too distracted to give anyone much time, and Johnny the guitarist was actually a cool down to earth guy.

    Just my opinion.

    thomasrix 11 months ago
  • @xgoodix

    Cold play is a talented band but you need to realize that they ripped off this song, and their entire sound is a radiohead rip off.

    dugforeva 1 year ago
  • q porqueria d banda coldplay!!! hayan plageado o no, Apestan!!!

    lpynirvana576 1 year ago
  • cold play is a collective faggot

    quejebo 1 year ago 7
  • to the person who made this vid u r wrong this is where coldplay STOLE the idea for viva la vida!!!!!!

    rockgodadam 1 year ago 2
  • The chain is : cat stevens “foreigner suite” got copied by enanitos verdes “francés limón” got copied by joe satriani “if i could fly” got copied by Coldplay “viva la vida”

    gocenam 1 year ago
  • Both songs are incredible but viva la vida have a good story and if i could fly have joe satriani guitar and that is very good so it doesnt mater because we listen music to relax and if 2 incredibles song are basically the same lets hear that. Ilmaybe one day we can listen satriani and coldplay singing viva la vida together (thats would be awsome) Watch francés limón (enanitos verdes 2002) its the same that if i could fly (2004) maybe satriani copied the song to

    gocenam 1 year ago
  • This was from one of his most underrated albums. I love this song. Satch plays with such emotion it’s like he’s presenting some kind of argument with each lick, and in spite of the no vocals it just comes across so clearly and naturally. It practically SPEAKS and you can just feel what it means.

    completebastard 1 year ago
  • There are many songs which have the same tune/rhythm lol…for e.g. Isley’s Brothers: Between the Sheets (original)…then Biggie Smalls: Big Poppa…then Big L; Fed up wit the bullshit……Gwen Stefani: Luxurious…….Jay Z: Ignorant Shit……There are many people after The Isley Brothers who used the tune from their single Between the Sheets afterwards…..

    jamaicarussa 1 year ago
  • Holy crap the rumors are true!!!!!

    rubiksproductions33 1 year ago
  • Both songs are amazing, but does it matter? THIS is a great song, and I love it, and if you’re watching this video you probably love it too, so let’s just listen to it.

    HIMOO14 1 year ago 2
  • @HIMOO14 how can u enjoy a hollow song?

    rockgodadam 1 year ago
  • Comment removed
    casperh7 1 year ago
  • People should stop talking about Coldplay’s little theft. I mean, Satch created a masterpiece, they didn’t.

    simplethunder 1 year ago 6
  • joe is legend fuck coldplay write your own music

    krungski 1 year ago
  • @krungski OMG that just made my day

    BloominNstarmoonrage 1 year ago 3
  • Great song. Coldplay are just a bunch of commercial sellouts who can’t write their own music. Maybe Joe can give Chris Martin some guitar lessons. It worked for Kirk Hammett and so many others.

    90490337 1 year ago
  • Let’s not worry about Coldplay and just take in this masterpiece.

    brianjordan4life 1 year ago
  • Christ, don”t analyze the track from sec to sec, it’s not science. Listen to it, it’s music. Let’s not give a f*** about Coldplay, and that’ll show our opinion.

    Ghraladean 1 year ago
  • Frankly, I don’t give a damn if Coldplay copied Satch. I choose which one I listen to, and that’s definitely Joe Satriani. Just compare the number of albums Joe and Coldplay made.

    I started listening to Joe after my pal showed me the live in SF dvd. I had to look for my lower jawbone somewhere on the floor. I found it when the show was over and the lights went on again. 😀

    Ghraladean 1 year ago 2
  • this song is a little similar, but not much, if anyone copied a song, dani california is way to similar to maryjane’s last dance

    swimsiddog87 1 year ago
  • Start listening at 0:50. The chord progression, and the melody are very much identical. If you transpose them to the same key they share the same exact notes. Whether or not they copied the song I don’t know, but they are certainly very similar. Of course ColdPlay’s song is the same shit repeating over and over again, while joe’s song changes. But they still share like 45 secs of the same shit.

    nino0057 1 year ago
  • @nino0057

    if you transfer them to the same key its not the same melody. check it yourself.

    ruthnthrni 1 year ago 5
  • I did, they are almost exact. This is in B minor and if you play viva la vida in this key he would sing and F#, then a G, then an E, and so on and so on. Which is exactly what Joe is playing, of course he spices it up but essentially it is the same melody. That backed up by a chord progression which is almost identical(Joe plays Em instead of Coldplay G, though those chords are VERY similar) Em Chord: e, {G}, {B}

    G chord: {G} {B} d

    One note difference, they give the same feeling.

    nino0057 1 year ago
  • Are you kiddin’ me? Too true, my friend.

    CGL2Director 1 year ago
  • Just shut up about if they copied it or not its settled so stop your bitching

    InfinityDEX 1 year ago
  • This song isn’t just ‘an inspiration’ to Coldplay, Viva la Vida is a mere copy, frankly…

    caravaggio31 1 year ago
  • To me this doesn’t sound much like coldplay. So what if they got their inspiration from this song? A lot of songs sounds alike these days. I don’t like most of Coldplay’s songs, I do like this song. It’s all a matter of taste, but yeah Coldplay does happen to be more succesful I guess. Shit happens, but you can’t say they got it all from Joe Satriani, that’s nonesense.

    dutchii 1 year ago 2
  • wait how the hell can Coldplay b more succesful?

    6940242 1 year ago
  • Because they have more fans and make more money, I think. Everybody knows Coldplay, not a lot of people know Joe Satriani. Too bad though, he makes good music.

    dutchii 1 year ago
  • Meh i think viva la vida is better, stop crying plz

    1TheKillers6 1 year ago 4
  • it doesn’t matter wat the losers say SATRIANI will always remain the GODLIKE guitarist……i mean cummon this guy is also STEVE VAI’s teacher he is not only a great guitarist he is also an awesome teacher..

    turag666 1 year ago
  • Joe Satriani made a very good piece of art, but don’t underestimate Viva La Vida. the song did win 2 Grammy awards.

    Personally, I think their song has better lyrics (STOP COMPARING. THE SONGS ARE NOT THAT SIMILAR).

    ruthnthrni 1 year ago 2
  • ok heres the thing Satch writes his song without lyrics yet u still feel wat he wants u to feel. Coldplay actually writes lyrics so i think satch should b more succesful.

    6940242 1 year ago
  • i dont think the 2 can be compared.

    1 is an amazing instrumental piece, the other is a wonderful story/song.

    and there really is only a very small similarity. just a few lines.

    IMO coldplay took a few nice cords and made them into a bigger and very nice piece.

    And it is possible that it was accidental, like they have said.

    maybe they heard the song ages ago, then one night, while playing piano, they had an amazing idea for a song.

    no artist would intentionally copy the work of such a master.

    JessicaMaree1987 1 year ago 2
  • Coldplay r fuking lairs! they heard satch song and they stole a part of it which is called plagerism. i agree on joe 4 sueing them

    6940242 1 year ago
  • FUCKING RATS of coldplay

    I really hate them.

    lorancamusic 1 year ago
  • Yes Coldplay admittedly ripped him off but in the end, Satriani should thank them for helping to make his song far more popular.

    PhilomathBret 1 year ago
  • Satrianii doesn’t need the help of anyone

    he’s been in the Music business WAAAY before

    the RATS of coldplay,

    in this case Coldplay should thank Satriani

    for writing a song they, in their entire talentless lives couldn’t

    have written.

    lorancamusic 1 year ago
  • Comment removed
    lorancamusic 1 year ago
  • @lorancamusic Hmm apparently some people misunderstood my comment. Firstly, I’d like to say that I have much more respect for Satriani than Coldplay. I have several of his albums and I love this original piece of guitar work. I’m also not complaining that Satriani sued Coldplay. I’m just pointing out that he is going to sell more albums as a result of Coldplay ripping him off etc. etc. Of course, we can never know for sure, because we don’t know how many albums he would have sold without this.

    PhilomathBret 1 year ago
  • I didn’t mean to be so harsh

    I’m just so Pissed off at People who don’t know

    Satriani’s career and think that Satriani’s popularity is due to the RATS of coldplay

    (that’s ignorance)

    I knew about Satriani’s ever since I was a little Girl

    and He’s been part of my influence in my Music all this time.

    lorancamusic 1 year ago
  • I play guitar and I’ve loved Satriani since I was about 17 (I’m 30 now). Personal favorites: Flying in a Blue Dream, I Believe, the intro and outro to Circles, Always With Me, Always With You, and Time.

    PhilomathBret 1 year ago
  • Rats of coldplay? You are the ignorant one my friend.. Once you create something even HALF as good as Coldplay I will consider listening to your opinion, but for now. Stfu, nobody cares about your sad story of growing up on this music. Get over it and stop being so immature..

    1TheKillers6 1 year ago
  • The IGNORANT is You who doesn’t know Satriani’s Music and carreer and cannot accept that coldplay are a bunch of RATS who STEAL other people’s Music

    can’t defend against that when the EVIDENCE

    is so COMPELLING.

    can ‘ya

    and yes I can create much better Music than you, or stupid coldplay Pop songs

    at least Idon’t steal other people’s Music

    lorancamusic 1 year ago
  • and by the way…I am NOT “your friend”

    lorancamusic 1 year ago
  • I’m not your friend? That broke my heart 😦 Do you know how many Grammies Coldplay has been nominated? At least i’m adult enough to admit Joe Satriani is good, but Coldplay manipulated his song into a story. By the way, I think you look like a rat.. whoever that is in your picture that is..

    1TheKillers6 1 year ago
  • @1TheKillers6 I was right, when people can’t defend themselves then start to show their vulgarity and insult people (like you) because they have no more arguments that’s common on dumb and retarded people, so I feel sorry for you , since that’s ALL the little brain you have. and you have to put up with that all your life. so I won’t waste any more words arguing with an total Ignorant.
    lorancamusic 1 year ago
  • They made it sound like shit.

    TheOneMetallica1 1 year ago
  • It’s amazing how a copy can be so much better than the original song.

    Great Idea by Coldplay.

    caxumba1994 1 year ago
  • 1. This isn’t a song. It’s an instrumental.

    2. It wasn’t a copy.

    PhilomathBret 1 year ago
  • Coldplay copied this song without a doubt.

    andrewps84 1 year ago
  • Well, reminds me on genious Vlatko Stefanovski ( Leb-i-Sol, band) ….

    velebit108 1 year ago
  • The colplay and satriani mash up sounds really good I have to admit… just take out Chris martin’s voice. lol.

    paxfiat 1 year ago
  • Satch- super!!!!

    tupitca37 1 year ago
  • This comment has received too many negative votesshow
    rottenruffles 1 year ago
  • WRONG.

    Ivantheterrible666 1 year ago
  • Yes it is….

    NumroZero 1 year ago
  • First time I heard this track and as soon as he goes into that lead line it does sound like the chorus of the Coldplay Track. However after that he carries on playing freeform solo’s and doesn’t return to the hook again after the first 2.5 mins which is a dissapointment.

    michael6mac 1 year ago
  • no dude …. u either like satch or u dont and he is famous for make an interesting line and improvising over the line not just playin that same rythmic line 99 times during the song … that would be boring as hell… thats why hes a soloist guitarist and thats wat makes him truly one of the best

    ZeroSkater45 1 year ago 2
  • Wow, I just listened to the story behind making this song. Go to Satriani’s homepage then music -> Is there love in space? -> listening party -> skip to about one third of it (or do as I did, listen to it all).

    “This is a song that really comes from deep in my heart” – Satriani.

    This recording was the first take of the song! Such an amazing person and musician. I feel proud idolizing him.

    simgjere 1 year ago
  • 790 just so you know it was dismissed with stipulations meaning they settled out of court, but lol ty for playing.

    lookslikeyouhadenuff 1 year ago
  • IMHO-This is just ridiculous. The “music” is totally different. Wow, a simple 3 chord progression. I guess Satriani owns that and nobody else in the world can use it. Gimme a break. I’m claiming the c chord followed by e minor then a minor. If anyone else uses that, I wanna get paid! Just ridiculous…

    thedru77 1 year ago
  • There’s also the stolen melody.

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • d00hd! HOW U so SMaRt>? I wannt moosik theery smart too! itz so tohtally juzt the kord prog. hez sooing abut. haz nuthnn to doo wit da stolen melahdy at all. Just ridiculous…

    zpim 1 year ago
  • Yeah ur right. He does own it. It is called copyright asshole, go learn something about music.

    Ivantheterrible666 1 year ago
  • Really they didn’t copy only “a simple 3 chord progression” but almost an entire solo.

    uciao 1 year ago
  • Coldplay stole the chorus. Not only is it an unusual chord progression, they melody is almost identical. Viva La Vida is “Coldplay’s Genius”? Joe Satriani has a right to be pissed off, i would be too.

    Stjoedude1118 1 year ago 2
  • Nothing in this music seems like to ‘Viva la vida’ :S except the first one guitar part

    JanaToledo3 1 year ago
  • This comment has received too many negative votesshow
    esmiturtle 1 year ago
  • @esmiturtle stold? haha

    woodslover 1 year ago
  • Just guitar? Paginnini’s 9th caprice is just violin? Like lyrics have fuckall to do with music. They’re just thrown on top of the actual music. Melody, harmony, etc.

    Two songs with the same words can otherwise be completely different, two songs with different words can otherwise be completely the same.

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • yes .. because if a certain piece of music isnt played on the radio or have lyrics or if the performer does not dress in the lastest fashions that means that the song is not worth listening to .. fuck off cunt

    J0EMOMMA726 1 year ago
  • lol at the end of the day everyone who has heard off coldplay has now forgot about coldplay.But everyone who has heard joe never forgets him.

    xImarjanIx 1 year ago
  • you sure as hell got that right 🙂

    medellia85 1 year ago
  • he didn’t win that lawsuit. coldplay settled. you’re a retard.

    MganHbeck 1 year ago
  • @MganHbeck Do you even know what settled means? PhD? Sure.

    jawsville90 1 year ago
  • Chord Progressions sound the same.. but so do a lot of songs and Canon in D. and putreffy, grow up, you don’t know that anyone knows less or more than you about music.

    I think Viva La Vida is a beautiful song, and I’m at Lamont School of Music at DU getting my PhD in music.

    MganHbeck 1 year ago 2
  • Getting a PhD and telling people on youtube to grow up. Good to know where your education is going.

    You do know Satch sued Coldplay successfully for stealing his musical idea, right?

    Vivinus 1 year ago
  • And you do know that the case got dismissed right? 🙂

    790936 1 year ago
  • No it didn’t (you don’t dismiss a civil case). Coldplay settled. Very likely they had to fork over cash to Satch.

    kapalen 1 year ago

    790936 1 year ago
  • 790936 stick to your pics of gay men and leave music to people that know about music

    Putreffy 1 year ago
  • hello? Gay people can appreciate good music as well. Don’t just tell me that okay? I’m really getting pissed off at you and your fucking belly aching about this guy. The case is dismissed, Coldplay won a grammy for “Viva La Vida”, Joe got nominated for 15 grammys and never one ONE. So if you want to protest, go ahead! Protest, I’ll take my sexy gay, straight, bisexual men, and have fun while you are crying, banging your head against the wall over something that you can’t control. CUNT!!!

    790936 1 year ago 2
  • Its kinda cute how you think a grammy means something.

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • Actually it does. Just saying

    790936 1 year ago
  • I’m not crying about anything retard… just sick of u morons coming in here and saying Joe Satriani is a nobody and Coldplay is the best band ever, go back to sucking dick

    Putreffy 1 year ago
  • 790936 thank you. i think they got the idea from this song.. so what? viva la vida is still a good song and Coldplay is still one of the worlds best poprock bands.

    and be honest, did you EVER heard about this guy here before?

    no you didn’t.

    MrsKeksification 1 year ago
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    mrussia777 1 year ago
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    mrussia777 1 year ago
  • WOW Mrs.K don’t be ignorant please! Joe Satriani has been around making music since the 80’s, he has made more albums with just guitars than anybody else, do you have any idea how much creativity you need to have to accomplish that? And now he plays in one of the best rock bands to come out in years: CHICKENFOOT…

    Putreffy 1 year ago
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    790936 1 year ago
  • He’s as relevant as Beethoven or Bach. Are you gonna say we should only listen to covers of their music? How can instrumental music become irrelevant when it deals purely in emotion and not in contemporary issues?

    Satch has innovated guitar as much as anyone. What has Coldplay done to “contribute”?

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • Hmmm….let’s see, WIN A GRAMMY FOR “VIVA LA VIDA” ahahahahahaaaa!!!BTW your hero, Joe Satriani, was copying another song from another artist; a latino band that is. You should look that up.

    790936 1 year ago
  • How is getting an award from a bunch of industry snobs giving out awards to boost their own album sales contributing to music? Remember when Jethro Tull won best metal song? You should look that up.

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • But that was metal. The grammys have different categories for everything. Not every likes metal. I don’t cuz it’s too loud.

    790936 1 year ago
  • What the hell does that have to do with anything? Because some people don’t like metal it doesn’t matter than an institution that’s supposed to be about music doesn’t know anything about it and still likes to throw awards at it? DOesn’t that, you know, ruin their credibility?

    Not everyone likes pop. I don’t cuz it’s too formulaic and simple. Ergo, any pop awards in the grammys mean nothing. There goes coldplay

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • Amen regarding pop.

    metallicarox80s 1 year ago
  • So? Music is music…..we all have different tastes. It just that, you have people who are so in love with one person that they forget that the one person that they love was influenced by someone else. So yeah. BTW, it’ll be a good idea that you just shut down this whole Joe Satriach Vs. Coldplay thing because it’s getting old like you so please with all due respect, SHUT UP ALREADY!!!! (Dear God, when will people like kapalen ever learn to hold his peace about something that he can’t ctrl)

    790936 1 year ago
  • You’re a silly person. Is this a failed attempt at a straw man or do you not understand your irrelevance?

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • No, you’re a silly person for following up behind comment after comment after mine. I told you, I’M DONE WITH YOU!! I’m not your boyfriend or secret lover okay? Besides you’re not my type anyway. I’m done with this case so do me a favor, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

    790936 1 year ago
  • You’re doing the same thing though. And committing a reductio ad absurdum fallacy in the process, so clearly, you have no idea what you were trying to talk about and wanna turn this into you insulting me so you can feel “victorious”. Good luck with that.

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • Okay sure. Thanx for the “good luck” I really need that because I’m a “dumb ass” and you’re not. You know your shit and I don’t. I’m like soooooo stooooopid! I’m sofa king we todd did! I’m a black gay nigga with no fucking life like the rest of the joe schmos on youtube. I watch videos and comment on them because I have no life. I’m like so not into metal music and shit and yet I’m arguing. I’m a nosy son of a bitch. Yeah! Oh and BTW, thank your mother for raising you to be a logical loser!

    790936 1 year ago
  • Looks like you have some self esteem and self identity issues there budro. I’m not a bad guy, and I don’t think you are, I’m jsut not gonna let somebody talk about Satch that way after he’s done so much for me and I’m not gonna let people talk about these thieves like they’re the victim of big bad lawsuit throwing Satch when he’s the one who’s had his music (which musicians know is our soul) stolen.

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • well said 🙂

    medellia85 1 year ago
  • I agree with you kapalen, winning a grammy does not contribute to actual music or one’s TRUE status as a musician.

    To 790936: Actually, it would be impossible for Satch to have copied Enanitos Verdes because

    1. Satch had been writing “If I Could Fly” for several years prior

    2. He was already playing early versions of the song at his concerts before EV released “Frances Limon”

    Plus, the song does not match. In the main melody, 3 notes are similar and then the rest is completely different

    kbowen88 1 year ago
  • So, if anything Enanitos Verdes may have possibly taken after the song (which I doubt) Also, Satch was suing in regards to the chord progression, rhythm AND melody. When you compare “Frances Limon” and “If I Could Fly” the chords and rhythm are completely different and as I said, only a few notes of the melody match. You are always going to find songs where one of those three match in a way. But this lawsuit was based on all three being similar in theory. Satch had good reason to pursue this.

    kbowen88 1 year ago
  • and Satch didn’t talk about being a fan of that latino band and then when confronted with the plagerism deny it like coldplay has done (and they’ve also forked over a settlement, basically admitting guilt). You’re forgetting again though that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Coldplay has the exact same tempo and diatonically substitutes for the same progression.

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • and you ask “what happened to him?” obviously you don’t know shit about music, but Chickenfoot has been named “band of 2009” … let me guess you haven’t heard about them… cause you’re stuck listening to your highschool shit

    Putreffy 1 year ago
  • I had heard of him before coldplay existed. I play Satch at work and people come in all the time, of all ages, and say hey is that Satch ya got there? Just because you only listen to top 40 shit doesn’t mean the rest of us are as musically deprived as you.

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • hahahah..

    haven’t you anything to do in your life? why do you discuss stupid things like that on youtube?

    go out and get a life

    btw i wont read your comments anymore..

    MrsKeksification 1 year ago
  • Honestly, why would it matter to you? If they did it, the did it. A lot of artists copy songs from each other, doesn’t mean that they are the best. I mean Kanye West and Beyonce’ does it all the time. Now for Christ’s sake and for the sake of real music lovers out there, SHUT THE HECK UP!!!! GAWD!!!

    790936 1 year ago
  • A lot of artists copy songs but they play Loyalties and ask for permission, Coldplay didn’t… get your facts right before you open your mouth

    Putreffy 1 year ago
  • Comment removed
    790936 1 year ago
  • I wasn’t arguing with you, and I wasn’t interested at all in your opinion… I just said get your shit right before you open your fucking mouth!

    Putreffy 1 year ago
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    790936 1 year ago
  • wow typical reply from a teeny bopper with no life… listen kid… read all the other comments and not just mine and realize what inspirational means… Satch’s music takes you places without even going anywhere, listen to “The Extremist” or “Surfing with the alien” before you say anything else…

    Putreffy 1 year ago
  • It matters because some of us grew up on Satch, I know I did. He inspired me to pick up the guitar and drove me to make music my livelihood. Thats more than any teacher or preacher or whatever has done for me. So when someone steals from this man who has had such a profound affect on me, yeah it upsets me. You’re just a person who likes music. But some people breathe it. And those are the people who have a right to be upset when one of their own is wronged. So shutup and stick to what you know

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • Comment removed
    790936 1 year ago
  • You have me confused with someone else

    Telling you to shut up and stick to what you know is like telling someone that doesn’ know what they’re talking about to not talk about things they don’t know about like they do. Thats a good analogy. If you wanna talk music, learn music first. If you wanna listen to crap, whatever, but if you wanna actually talk copyrights on the business side, or progressions blatantly stolen on the theory side, youd be wise to actually understand those things first

    kapalen 1 year ago
  • coldplay’s first album was like radiohead being shat on by oasis.

    tolstoythegreat 1 year ago
  • which by the way is a little bit better than oasis and no where near radiohead.

    tolstoythegreat 1 year ago
  • Comment removed
    OerHelland2 1 year ago
  • No hard feelings, please but why did Coldplay ‘steal’ the idea of Satriani, but he didn’t ‘steal’ from Los Enanitos Verdes’ “Frances Limon”?

    terrikitakko 1 year ago
  • Listen to the song. Listen to this songs chorus and listen to Coldplays verse. There you go, 100 percent ripoff. Its not the chord proggression thats a ripoff

    b4rf3r 1 year ago
  • Coldplay have always been an incredibly unoriginal, derivative band. Their blatant plagiarism of the guitar master Joe Satriani is a truly cringeworthy moment for British music. The fact that they copied his song simply cements my view that they are incapable of writing creatively relevant, innovative music.

    LegendaryComrades 1 year ago
  • lol even the name of chris somethings daughter is not original, he stole it from a fruit

    yea that he stole from god too

    luisfcoliveira 1 year ago
  • i refuse to hear coldplay all my life

    luisfcoliveira 1 year ago
  • Look, let’s get the Facts Straight Here!!! Satch is a True Talent and Legend and Coldplay are nothing more than Music Stealing, Wannabe, Talentless Fucks who will disappear in a few years and will be forgotten!!!

    mrfrosty1988 1 year ago 2
  • For all the dumb people who doubt the rip off:

    0:50 – 1:15

    Fred7080 1 year ago 4
  • All you all total retards? I see comments saying this song sounds like Viva La Vida? news flash Coldplay stole this fucking song.

    asscrackben 1 year ago 4
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    corezero678 1 year ago
  • Ok. You’re deaf. Totally. Indeed.

    Fred7080 1 year ago
  • NO they are really good, we just like this song better because Satriani is a god.

    BurnRoddy 1 year ago 2
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    araam101 1 year ago
  • Wtf? Get your facts straight before accusing the wrong guy. Satriani released this song way before Viva la vida hit the screen. This kind of ignorance is just sad :/

    iquitsmokingwithtrbo 1 year ago 2
  • don’t be fucking stupid… Coldplay settled out of court with Satriani

    Putreffy 1 year ago
  • All artists steal from each other, it is how music has worked since the beginning.

    saxophonehero 1 year ago
  • this sounds nothing like viva la vida

    Cee023 1 year ago
  • I don’t know why people care so much about the similaritys of the this and Viva La Vida. They’re both good songs.

    ProcterPurrgus 1 year ago
  • It’s like less than 30% similar to viva la vida it be crazy if he won that lawsuit

    BushidoBrownSama 1 year ago
  • If it was 30% similar Satriani win that lawsuit because it is sufficient much less to be incriminated of plagiarism. In my opinion the initial and central part (the refrain) of the song are VERY similar. 30% is really so much to be a “pure coincidence”

    Gamereo 1 year ago